I’d hire her – Red Mum is job hunting

She’s good at blogging (award winning), she has extensive press experience (being a press officer for a political party), she’s a webmaster, she’s an amazing photographer and she’s a journalist. Oh yes and it was Red Mum that did the “This is … ” videos for the Labour Party. Remember them? Consider hiring her because her contract is now up. We have yet to see people hired to be social web type people around these parts. Maybe this will change.

One Response to “I’d hire her – Red Mum is job hunting”

  1. Omaniblog says:

    Thanks Damien,

    The Labour Party must be in big trouble to let such a talent slip through their fingers. I’d have thought they need her even more now that the future for them is so uncertain.

    This will be an interesting case study on how far blogging has reached in the mind set of HR Ireland.