Fluffy links – Monday June 18th 2007

Sean Deasy’s PC repair toolkit. Handy list of apps if you are the bloody relative that “knows stuff about computers”.

The Social and Health Education Project. blurb:

To enable people to achieve personal effectiveness: the capacity to discern and adopt health-enhancing and socially just behaviours which optimise individual and community wellbeing and promote the integrity of the natural environment.

Chewing gum for men. This seems like it’s straight out of Anchorman.

Doing the Irish oral exams using a mobile.

So you have a Facebook account and you are getting worried about the creeping erosion of your privacy, the more it asks of you and the more people add you as a friend. So you decide the world doesn’t need to know everything about you and your fianceé. Except getting rid of that information gets Loic LeMeur to twitter than you’ve split with your girl. 760+ people get this news instantly. Tonnes of emails and contacts later you are still explaining you are not have breaking up, you just want privacy.

Dell messes up to start with, trying to take a site down but then quickly remedies the situation after realising they made a mistake and saying sorry.

Things that go boom.

A rocket fuel depot explodes:

Assorted boomy things:

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  1. Loic Le Meur is a cock, episode 4029.