Handelaar’s meme – Things about me that you wouldn’t think were true, but are.

He made me do it. Things about me that you wouldn’t think were true, but are.

1. Despite TV appearances, newspaper interviews, talking at conferences and doing about 120 radio interviews in the past few years, I am a very shy person and I’d class myself as introverted.

2. My name is Timothy.

3. I don’t like making even numbered lists. I don’t sit in even numbered seats in airplanes and I make sure my fluffy links go out on odd numbered timestamps. What makes it worse is that 45 or 25 or 35 is also too uniform for my tastes.

4. I own a Mac.

9 Responses to “Handelaar’s meme – Things about me that you wouldn’t think were true, but are.”

  1. snappieT says:

    Yeah TIMOTHY?

    You own a mac, but do you actually use it day-to-day?

  2. Elana says:

    I’ve always liked the name Timothy…suits you.

  3. Andrew says:

    All people called Timothy smell of cabbage.

  4. My cousin Eric’s name is Fintan.

    His parent’s changed their minds right after getting his birth cert.

    Anyway, it’s a universal truth that all Corkmen are either from the Tim/Donie/Finbar school or the Mark/Shane/Brian generation. And they always have a brother called Alan.

  5. blankpaige says:

    Do you use the Mac to prop open a door or something?

  6. GerryOS says:

    I own a Mac

    You’d need a Mac alright, with all this rain we’ve had these days.


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