Beirut (the band) ticket draw

Right. I have two tickets for Beirut who are playing at the Tripod on Friday 22nd June. To make sure only diehard fans get these tickets, please answer the following question: What is the name of the band? Yeah, I know, told you it would test you.

But yeah, if you want to be in a draw for the tickets, leave a comment below and specify whether you’ll take one or two tickets. I assume two but if whoever wins wants only one, I’ll pick another person to get the last ticket.

Update: I’ll do the draw on Friday 15th June.

Draw over.

44 Responses to “Beirut (the band) ticket draw”

  1. Chuck says:

    I’m going to take a wild stab at this…Beirut?

  2. Niall says:



  3. harro says:

    ehh, zz top.

    -i mean…beirut!

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  5. ross says:

    i’ll take a chance with beirut

  6. Cahony says:

    Beirut, it’s horn-tastic!

  7. Sinéad says:

    Damnit. Wish I could go to this, but it’s less than a week before this baba arrives. Harumph.

  8. Ronan says:


    Gulag Orkestar is a mighty fine slice of music

  9. Shauna says:

    Beiruit….2 pleeese

  10. Shane o Mac says:

    Beruit be a pal–estine– n give us some tix…really like this guy

  11. auds says:


  12. auds says:

    i didn’t mean to enter 3 times (i swear). I pulled out the internet connection wire when i stood up to get a peach, and then had to resubmit when I sat down and then I looked and there were 3 entries.
    I don’t want to prejudice the competition (I swear)….

    (my national school teacher used to say that the more details someone gave in an excuse made it more likely to be a lie, so i’ll stop rambling now!)

  13. papa ru-pu says:

    emmmmm.. beirut?

  14. Steveoh' says:

    Beruit an I’ll take 2 tickets….:¬O

  15. Alan says:

    2 tickets por favor!

  16. Eamo says:

    2 please Bob!

  17. Bobby says:


    Me just want one ticket.

  18. Bobby says:


    I think me and that Bobby fellow above should get a ticket each, just to confuse things..

  19. Bobby says:

    I agree with that Bobby.

  20. John says:

    Beirut or wha!

    would love 2 please.

  21. Joe says:

    Bay Root?

    Bey rute?


    2 tix would be lovely, dearest.

  22. Sean says:

    Beirut, Beirut, so good they bombed it twice.

  23. Jasper says:

    Beruit! Two please!!

  24. tom says:


    such good odds , i’ll shoot for two tix.

  25. Liz says:

    Beirut! Want to go but shouldn’t due to pints to be had with home for the weekend person from far away abroad – despite having given away my Sufjan Stevens tickets to go to the feckers wedding.

    ah, go on, give them to the two Bobbys…

  26. Timmah says:


  27. Co says:

    Aslan, one ticket please.

  28. Lame says:

    Beirut. Was going to go with REM, but then I remembered that Michael Stipe was related to John Malkovich, so REM couldn’t be right. Tricky question that…

  29. Marcella says:

    Beruit!!!!Two Tickets pretty please??I missed them when they supported Calexico and payday ain’t until the 27th June…..Sob.

  30. […] Don’t forget the draw for 2 tickets to Beirut. blogs fluffy ireland irishblogs june links […]

  31. Kate says:

    Beirut- 2 Tickets Pretty Please 🙂

  32. kDamo says:

    aw, all the clever people beat me to the witty comments, leaving me with…

    the answer is Beirut.
    it is.

    i would like 2 tickets.

    (hahahaha! i’m fuckin’ hilarious)

  33. sorcha says:



    Two tickets, please pretty please.

  34. DeeperByTheDozen says:


  35. Erik says:



    Can I have 1 ticket please! (Hope you haven’t done the draw yet :s)

  36. Beirutband

    Two if i am the lucky one


  37. DR. Con says:

    I know Im wired,tired and expired. But a trip to Beirut for 2 would help me escape the matrix…

  38. Damien says:

    Okay, I’ll put all the names into the virtual hat now. Any comments after this one are NOT in the draw.

  39. Superhans says:


    I’d love two please! I like ’em a lot.

  40. Guy says:

    2 tickets please!!!

  41. from lebanon says:

    hello, i love beirut the band. and i love beirut the city 🙂
    did u name it after the city? or what?and if so y?:)

  42. dana says:

    they are my favorite!!!!!!!!
    I JUST found out yesterday that they are coming to Vancouver, where I live but are already sold out!!!!1
    I am EXTREMELY bummed and promised myself I would do anything to see them live!
    c mooon screw this contest just PLEASE give the tickets to me!!!!
    just kidding, fair is fair but seriously try really hard to pick my name k. I swear I’m really nice and cool and deserving!
    p.s 2 tickets would be LOVELY!