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Sunday, April 13th, 2008

Via Waxy: Every use of the word fuck in:


The Big Lebowski

The Departed moments

Friday, April 11th, 2008

Staying on the movie theme for today. Congrats to who are apparently going into movie downloads as well as DVD distribution via post. Been thinking about a bit of late, mainly because they came along and offered some wonderful goodybag vouchers at the blog awards as well as 30! dvd players too. DVDs by post is a new enough concept in Ireland but it seems to be doing very well in the States, probably because of having so many armed postmen or something. I heard they shoot to kill if you try and rob them.

DVD rentals, a la NetFlix. So isn’t the core business of to keep people indoors? Are their main competitors the cinemas and the pubs? Possibly not the cinemas and maybe not the pub either. Are RTE and Sky competitors I wonder? Maybe every one of the above is a competitor and maybe an ally too.

None of my business, but…
What would I do with Not that it’s any of my business but I’d definitely set up a group blog and ask some of the totally obsessive movie bloggers to come on board and blog every now and then about DVDs that are in the Moviestar catalog. There are gems in there, even for the movie fascists some of us are. A blog is good for generating a little interest and a good bit of Google rankings to draw people in. What else can be done though?

Complimentary to our lives
Well I think could compliment life with sets of DVDs. Christmas movies around .. Christmas. Romance movies around Valentine’s, the best of horror around Halloween. Getting me? Movie marathons. Box sets and weekend long marathons of TV shows are the norm now, so why not exploit it? Don’t send a single DVD but a whole set. What about tie-ins with cinemas and upcoming movies? An example? Well how about watching all of the existing Rambo movies before watching the latest in the cinema? Same for Rocky, Die Hard etc. etc. Sequels could be a great business. Birthday party DVD specials too for kids. Imagine having a personal shopper for movies or a bluffers guide to gangster movies, cowboy movies etc.?

DVDs and cinemas compliment each other in my view. Perhaps there could be tie-ins with the cinemas with cross-promotions for upcoming movies or maybe with the movie distributors themselves since there’s an existing relationship. It would pay for distributors to do something like this with Moviestar to boost an upcoming film. Sequel out, get Moviestar to promote the previous movies and do offers for people to watch them. Build some hype. Then there’s the offies. Get the beer, the chips and the Evil Dead movies. Or the superhero collection. Corona and a cowboy movie or two.

I love the idea of social objects and creating something that could gather people around to enjoy their time together. Whether it be to act as ambassadors or just community building.

Any other “none of our business, but” suggestions? giving away 250 tickets to see Iron Man

Friday, April 11th, 2008


Iron Man

You’ve seen the trailer for Iron Man, right? No? Don’t. It might be even more fun when you see it if you don’t see any clips. But the trailers for it look really sweet. Robert Downey Jr. is so good even with facial hair that you want to pinch his cheeks.

Anyways, is a new site on the block in the entertainment space and Vincent that runs Q&A is one of the people behind it. Nice design. Nice features too. Have a looksee. I already sent Vincent my long list of wants. The carbon footprint of the printed off email will probably equate to a few trees. Their video podcast is on iTunes and YouTube and has Paul Byrne interviews famous and wantstobefamous people. 10,000 views for the latest one.

So yes, also organising an advance screening for Iron Man on April 30th and if you are a member of the site, you might get picked to come along. Details how here.

My favourite part of the site are the blogs (but you knew I’d say that) and hopefully they’ll get updated a bit more. I especially like Lenny Abrahamson’s blog (he the guy that directed Garage) and the blog post where he lays into the IFTAs and the shit organisation of them.

Fluffy Links – Friday April 11th 2008

Friday, April 11th, 2008

Today is Filthy Friday.

Best Blog Post this month, I know already. More people need to know about this atrocious shite in Hotpress.

Have a look at Maria Horan’s blog. New on the block. She teaches Irish. Some nice views.

Green Ink on the PaulWilliamsisation of crime reporting. He no likely. He right. Long right.

Seriously now. If you don’t upgrade buggypress you’ll get blacklisted by Google.

Rob is well impressed with the Google App Engine. Anyone else have thoughts?

Love the idea of colour changing road surfaces to warn about ice and so forth.

iPlayer on the Wii. Weeeeee!

The Avenue Q puppets singing Popular from “Wicked”

Rage Against the Machine – Testify – Live at Reading

Grab your balls like the guy in the poster

Friday, April 11th, 2008

“No Lucinda, I meant Barry. Barry stop fucking playing vroom vroom.”

Ball grabber

Meanwhile, the branez of Young Fine Gowl said that this is marketing and all the people talking about it are spreading the word about Lisbon. Jesus, isn’t that what those idiots in RockTheVote said? There was more talk about the whackery of the campaign than the election but apparently that’s still classed as a positive key performance indicator. Oh I got the word wrong. Sorry, let me try this is a Lucindkar accent: “Morketing, yaw”. There we go.

Anyways, the branez are now pictured below. Apparently the idea to put an emasculated hairless man just wearing tight underwear was decided by these guys as well as a fairly bland picture of a woman. Do the branez of Fine Gael honestly think a man showing some of his pubic area (also hairless) is a good image of masculinity or is attractive to a woman? Real mean have body hair. I doubt real people exist in the universe of any youth wing though if this is the carry-on.

If you wade through the childishness of some of their comments on you’ll see that these kids actually think that any publicity is good publicity. Noise is as good as volume and quality? Even sitting in a four wheeled bike looking like a gimp is good publicity?

Libertas are sooooo scared now. This is FinePower unleashed. Genie and bottle, Pandora and box. Even if Libertas secretly are the CIA. Oh you didn’t know that? Yeah, Libertas even have their own private jet whisking people from Dublin to Galway and back. Dec Force one. Waterboarding happens on the short flight using the complimentary Ballygowan fizzy water. But as the below photo shows, Team FinePower gets the last laugh.

The clowns that were sent in

Take Enda With You. FB Group.

Fluffy Links – Thursday April 10th 2008

Thursday, April 10th, 2008

Firstly, a friend is looking for spare tix for the bud rising gig on Fri evening. Yes, the sold out one. Anyone got any?

Along the same lines, Derek is DJing on Phantom as a warm up to the Simian Mobile Disco gig on at Spy tonight. Check it check it out.

Enda Kenny’s Facebook group now has 200+ people saying go. Sign that contract Enda!

Gay graves. Gay sections in gaves. April 10th is not ten times April 1st. This is true. Our outgoing Gay Rights Taoiseach will sneak this in before he heads.

Google Sweden as an app that allows you to nuke any city on Google maps. (Simulation only) Hat tips to Josie.

An Animal’s Home on Twitter. Clever.

Let’s play with the traffic and make traffic jam shockwaves:

Can you spot the future Taoiseach in this?

Ouchies – IIA’s WordPress powered blog gets spam hacked

Wednesday, April 9th, 2008

Justin Mason did the sleuthing. Will we have to download weekly patches soon?

Obsessive much?

Wednesday, April 9th, 2008

I’m giving the last of my free Business Blogging Training Sessions this Saturday at the Irish Computer Society in Dublin. (After that he charges – DM’s biz manager) A big thank you to the ICS for hosting this and providing all the computers for it. This weekend I shall be wearing something additional during my presentations. My shiny new “Obsessive” badge with thanks to Castle Tuppenceworth. I was beknighted or whatever that word for the thing that gives you the thing is. I was given it for my obsession with broadband in Ireland. That old gem. I’d like to thank Dialup “Noel” Dempsey and my bud Eamon Ryan as without them this wouldn’t have been possible. Oh god I’m getting emotional here now. Choking. Up.

Thanks to Fergal and Simon for this. Keep obsessing people. It gets to John Waters and Eoghan Harris. That’s enough isn’t it?


Fluffy Links – Wednesday April 9th 2008

Wednesday, April 9th, 2008

TJ has a nice piece on search engines and your data.

Via Michael James Brown, legend.

Good post by JP about Edges. Read and you’ll see.

Heard about this on Phantom. For all those that want to self-publish in Ireland.

I like this. Image shack will now download and store torrents for you for free. 15gb download limit a month, 15gb storage. You can download direct via http.

Why can’t the Food and Drink section on the Indo site have a feed?

Broadband speeds in the UK.

No money in gossip? Valleywag pay cut.

Blog Awards 2009 – Rule change – Should past winners be eligible?

Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

At the Blog Awards this year Twenty Major and SinĂ©ad Gleeson pulled off a three in a row each and have said they will not enter into the Awards next year. There are other blogs too that could do a three in a row in 2009. Now there’s the idea of giving other people a chance at winning a category but there’s also the idea that talent is talent, repeat or not. The IIA Netvisonary Awards have a rule that if you’ve won in a category before you are not eligible for it again.

I’d like your views about whether a rule like this should be implemented for the next Blog Awards. Win it one year, not eligible ever again or just not eligible for the follow-on year? Or keep it as it is, no changes? If you win in a category one year, can you be entered in other categories though?

Once I go over all the feedback hopefully I can make an informed decision then.