Govt says consumers fault for lack of broadband – Do you disagree?

The Government have are holding a public consultation about broadband demand. They’re basically framing the consultation as lack of demand being the reason why Ireland is one of the worst developed countries for broadband usage. Naturally the word bollox is in neon in my mind. The consultation closes tomorrow. I greatly encourage anyone that reads this to send in their views. Even if you have broadband already it is well worth telling the Govt it is not a demand problem it is a supply problem. We all know people that want broadband and cannot get it. Below is an email I sent to the IrelandOffline mailing list.

Minister Noel Dempsey and the Department of Communications have initiated a public consultation asking you, the consumer, for your opinions on broadband in Ireland. We in IrelandOffline greatly encourage you to view the consultation and send your thoughts to the Minister on this.

The Department are framing this consultation as if there isn’t enough demand for broadband and that is the reason Ireland has one of the worst records in the developed world for broadband usage. We think they are wholly incorrect and our own submission that we will send in next week will say this in no uncertain terms. If you are unable to get broadband and think the Government should be addressing this need then please reply to the consultation.

You can read the consultation here.

There are 33 questions and suggested answers/discussion points but you do not need to answer any or all of these. You can simply give your experience and demand change.

Your submissions should be marked ‘Broadband Demand’ and emailed to the Department of Communications, Marine and Natural Resources at by 1st March 2006. Please also ask for them to confirm receipt of your submission.

Please send a copy of your submission to too

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