Fluffy Links – Thursday April 10th 2008

Firstly, a friend is looking for spare tix for the bud rising gig on Fri evening. Yes, the sold out one. Anyone got any?

Along the same lines, Derek is DJing on Phantom as a warm up to the Simian Mobile Disco gig on at Spy tonight. Check it check it out.

Enda Kenny’s Facebook group now has 200+ people saying go. Sign that contract Enda!

Gay graves. Gay sections in gaves. April 10th is not ten times April 1st. This is true. Our outgoing Gay Rights Taoiseach will sneak this in before he heads.

Google Sweden as an app that allows you to nuke any city on Google maps. (Simulation only) Hat tips to Josie.

An Animal’s Home on Twitter. Clever.

Let’s play with the traffic and make traffic jam shockwaves:

Can you spot the future Taoiseach in this?

4 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Thursday April 10th 2008”

  1. Le Catch says:

    Thanks Damien.

    *not sent by iPhone*

  2. Gary Devitt says:

    Apologies if this seems spammy but we figure this will be of interest to all.

    As of late all the large Irish music forums that promoted tout free trading have for one reason or another stopped allowing people to trade tickets or severely limited the gigs they will list to certain promoters.

    Well we’ve had enough of the only place to get resold tickets being sites that allow huge profits be made on them and we’ve got together and made our own site with the intention of allowing Irish music fans to buy and sell their tickets at cost price (and below) only!

    You can find us at http://www.toutless.com.

    At the moment its just a simple forum but we’re hoping it will do the job to start off with and if we see enough interest we are going to start expanding it into a proper site with fancy features and the like. One day it might even service other countries.

    We hope you like the idea and if you’ve any suggestions or comments about the site please feel free to comment. Also we’d appreciate any good word of mouth you want to throw our way so if you’ve friends looking for tickets at face value or if they wish to sell some spares to an audience of real music fans send them our way.

    The Team @ toutless.com

  3. Since when was that old trout a gay rights advocate?!

  4. Had seen that Google thingy. Maybe it’s just me but that sort of thing just plain gives me the creeps… I just can’t help wonder what Google were thinking, considering the nut-jobs out there (who really don’t need any encouragement). I mean, there is only one type of person who would find that a useful pluggin for their computer… gives me pause to shudder!