giving away 250 tickets to see Iron Man


Iron Man

You’ve seen the trailer for Iron Man, right? No? Don’t. It might be even more fun when you see it if you don’t see any clips. But the trailers for it look really sweet. Robert Downey Jr. is so good even with facial hair that you want to pinch his cheeks.

Anyways, is a new site on the block in the entertainment space and Vincent that runs Q&A is one of the people behind it. Nice design. Nice features too. Have a looksee. I already sent Vincent my long list of wants. The carbon footprint of the printed off email will probably equate to a few trees. Their video podcast is on iTunes and YouTube and has Paul Byrne interviews famous and wantstobefamous people. 10,000 views for the latest one.

So yes, also organising an advance screening for Iron Man on April 30th and if you are a member of the site, you might get picked to come along. Details how here.

My favourite part of the site are the blogs (but you knew I’d say that) and hopefully they’ll get updated a bit more. I especially like Lenny Abrahamson’s blog (he the guy that directed Garage) and the blog post where he lays into the IFTAs and the shit organisation of them.

6 Responses to “ giving away 250 tickets to see Iron Man”

  1. Darragh says:

    Nice one Damien, thanks. Had registered with them but hadn’t checked back much… but do agree the site has great features and great potential.

  2. Daragh says:

    Very nicely designed site. It was designed and built by Chris & Danny who make up – they deserve a mention too (and not just because they’re friends of mine) 🙂

  3. Darragh Daragh
    Darragh Daragh
    Darragh Daragh
    Darragh Daragh

  4. steve white says:

    vincent who?

  5. 73man says:

    Iron Man looks like poo