Merry Christmas from all at Mulley Communications

Heh. Include the sound of a record scratching here. “Mulley Communications”. I think I’ll keep that name but hire Bill O’Herlihy to head it up. Okie doke.

Anyway, my Christmas present of a sort, to some of you. I’m being generous, mark the calendars. I normally charge a lot (and I’m worth every penny) to teach people how to blog for their business and I’m good at what I do but I want to get even better. So I want more practice. Real proper live practice. So an offer to all who read this blog. I’ll give a half day class on business blogging (which I think is worth a few hundred euro each) to the subscribers/repeat visitors here if you are a business and want to start a blog and do not already have a blog. I’ll offer it to 12 people max (one per company) and will do it in a venue in Dublin in early January on a Saturday and another one in Cork perhaps in late January or early February.

I’m not going to choose the venue, someone else can go away and find one. Power of the people etc. The venue has to have computers with net access. If a company wants to sponsor this, fine with me. It needs to be accessible though and I’d prefer somewhere in the City Centre. Of course the company can sit in if they’re being so generous.

Some rules:
If you have or had a blog, no soup for you.
If someone in your company has a blog get them to teach you. No soup.
If you are just an individual, no soup for you. Sorry, businesses only for now.
This is my gig, no sponsor can bill it as their gig and I will not do this as part of a bigger day. No soup for you. (For now)
The sting: If you pull out after committing and do it with very short notice so someone on a waiting list can’t be offered a space, you give your word that you’ll donate 100 euros to a childrens charity that is not the ISPCC. Myself and others will be putting a lot of work into this. We deserve some respect.
The main bit: Email me and explain why you should avail of this training and tell me about your business. Depending on entries, 12 (or less) people will be chosen for each one. State Dublin or Cork.

So what’s my ulterior motive? Well it’s Christmas so I’m in the mood and if there’s a lot of good progressive companies applying for this it would be nice to be the person that helps them to communicate with the web world and introduce them to the Irish blogging community. If they grow they may remember me for giving me blog and paper exclusives, they might ask me to refer work to other companies I know and hell if they’re the next Amazon I can brag and brag about knowing them when they were just a wee company. Also as stated, the better at training I am, the more I can do training and the more I can charge.

29 Responses to “Merry Christmas from all at Mulley Communications”

  1. What a guy!

    Happy Christmas

  2. Damien.

    I think I’m excluded on several counts – but I can see the demand for this.

    I’m glad is this post on business blogging in Ireland gave you a small push over the edge!


  3. Damien says:

    @Paul We’ll see. It’s Christmas week so there’s not been any takeup just yet.

  4. Steve says:

    Yes..count me in. Honest Im not an individual, I’m me own person !!!!

    Merry Mulleymas

  5. Niall Larkin says:

    Excluding people who already have blogs? That makes no sense. Would you exclude me from driving lessons because I have a car and am a danger on the road? No, you would not. My blog is a car crash. I need help!

  6. Damien says:

    You should blog your complaint Niall 🙂

    (blog is premoderated now so your comments only got through today)

  7. Niall Larkin says:

    Good to see you back and on form, Damien

  8. Steve says:

    Dude…did you get my text? Well, after 07 being so crap enjoy your xmas and chat soon. Give me a shout when in Dub next..

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  12. Jamie says:

    Hi Damien

    I’d like to get involved in this get together (blog training session).

  13. Jamie says:

    Hi Damien,

    As it is very unlikely that a company is going to open its doors to allow 10+ people to watch straight through (if not for security and health/safety reasons), I think the use of a hotel or training center maybe useful.

    Take for example THE TEMPLATE BAR HOTEL which has rooms from €240 for 1/2 day sessions. These rooms have Wi-Fi so if we all brought laptops we would be online.

    If that cost was devided by attendees then its less that €20 per person! Job done.

    Example Hotels:

    OR how about the Guinness Enterprice Centre which is there to support new businesses and can provide PC’s – see more at:

    These are just some ideas and really depend on dates/numbers.

  14. Damien says:

    Jamie, tell you what, you go off and do your own training sessions. I’m doing things my way and no other fucking way since I’m giving my time for free. Your comments and suggestions are not welcome.

  15. Jamie says:

    Humm how strange. I was only being helpful as I would love to attend one of your sessions and from what I could see no venue had been found.. These were just suggestions trying to help.

    Comments like that are just not welcomed – it doesn’t make you look professional.

  16. Damien says:

    Good luck with your web empire. Maybe another blogger can work as an affiliate for you.

  17. Damien says:

    This is part of a spam message Jamie sent to me on Facebook:

    What’s in it for me?
    We are new to Ireland so are certainly seeking the help from those who know a lot more about the Irish online market; those who could contact businesse and those who want to help new businesses grow.

    — We offer a 15% return on all sales/sign ups!

    Stop right there…
    We understand, if you are not interested directly, but where thinking that in a future blog you may want to talk and discuss the online eCommerce opportunities for new businesses in ireland.”

  18. Jamie says:

    ..that posting was made to you directly (via facebook) over two weeks ago and has nothing to do with this posting on the topic of wanting to be involved and learn from your blogging experience.

    That private message to you still stands true so if its helpful for others then great. Am i right in thinking you took that in a negative fashion?

    The last few postings on this thread are a typical example of the downside of writing vs talking… As BT always used to say “Its good to talk” 😉

    So I’ll step down from posting any further suggestions on this particular thread although if a place is still available to attend the session then sign me up.

  19. Damien says:

    Jamie and his astroturfing friends are now banned. If they come back, I’ll mark it down as harassment and contact their ISPs, for a start.

  20. aileen says:

    if the smoke has cleared can i just pop in and ask how’s the cork one coming along.
    i would like to attend as we are a disgrace with no blog.
    if a computerised venu is difficult to get i would be happy to do a room with 8 wifi enabled laptops with keyboards if the other four people bring their own.
    its just an idea if no other venue is forthcoming.

  21. Liz says:

    Hello Damien,

    I’d love to attend Dublin or if no places then Cork.

    Thanks Liz

  22. Damien says:

    Aileen, Liz, welcome on board.

  23. Eils says:

    Hi Damien,

    I’d be interested in either Dublin or Cork. Please let me know when the dates are set and count me in!


  24. Siobhán says:

    Hi Damien

    I’d be interested in Cork too! If you can let me know when you set your date please and hopefully it’ll fit in with my stupidly busy schedule at the moment! God knows where I’ll find the time to write a blog!!!

    Thanks Damien


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