Events dear boy, events

TechLudd (despise the name, love the concept) is happening on January 24th in Dublin. You know you want to.

Before the annual third national world Irish Blog Awards on March the 1st there’s going to be a “but I’m a lady” bloggers meetup. You know you want to, but maybe a different want. Now, will there be a lads get together too?

Staying on the ladies theme, my offer of a free blogging course in Dublin and Cork has gone well. Dublin is full and it seems a load of women want to do the course in Cork but no males have applied so the Cork event is going to be ladies only. Except me. Still space, just waiting on a venue confirm and date!

3 Responses to “Events dear boy, events”

  1. …or we could all turn up there in dresses and gatecrash the girls’ meetup. 😀

  2. Steve says:

    So just yourself and girls in Cork…just the weemin then :0

  3. aileen says:

    yup too bad boys.

    Damien is it a Saturday you had in mind?