Business Blogging Course in Cork – thanks to SortMyBooks

I previously offered to do a business blogging course in Cork and Dublin. The deal was someone else could do the organising. My giving up half a day and teaching people for free was my end of the bargain. We had a venue in Dublin but lack of insurance was an issue so that fell through. Nobody else has offered a venue (and I looked around too) so nothing has happened with Dublin. But tada, SortMyBooks have paid for a room in the Rochestown Park Hotel, in Cork this Saturday for the Cork event. And it’s full! An all woman gig too as it happens. A very good mix of companies and individuals who I hope to see blogging soon after.

The Dublin offer is still there but will not happen until April at the earliest as I have blog awards and all that. Yes, the waiting list still exists too for Dublin. Up to the general public now to make the effort for that one to happen.

11 Responses to “Business Blogging Course in Cork – thanks to SortMyBooks”

  1. Trinity says:

    What about Limerick bud? 🙂
    (that’s just my ole Limerick accent coming out there!)

  2. Sharon . says:

    “What about Limerick bud?”

    It’s like pi**water compared with the Bud they sell in Dublin .
    (that’s just my ole dublin sense of humour coming out there!)

    Sorry – didn’t mean to interrupt !



  3. Trinity says:

    ah well, we have Bud Rising here! 🙂

    actually pi water can be good for you…
    (someone sent me that recently. Mind you I’m just playing with the words here!) 🙂

  4. Sharon . says:

    Hi Trinity !

    That’s really all I was doing , too – “playing with the words” .
    If/when Damo gets a gig organised for Limerick , you and I will get together and have a pint . Of Bud !



  5. Trinity says:

    we will to be sure then!
    Although I never drink the stuff, it tastes like pi** 🙂

  6. Sharon . says:

    Hi again , Trinity !

    … only tastes like pi** in Limerick !


    See ya!


  7. Thanks for the course yesterday Damien.
    Very comprehensive, I should be blogging in no time.

  8. Suz says:

    Thanks for the course Damien … and thanks for organising it Aileen.
    I was a “bloggin beginner” but now a whole new blogging world has been opened up to me ….. PuddleDucks blog sure to be on the way soon….!

    Cheers for now,

  9. Alvina Grosu says:

    It was a very informative course. Maybe for the future it could be more formative and interactive. Some technophobs like me would need more time (maybe a full day) to go through all steps and create a couple of blogs so that it becomes a skill.

  10. Sandra Maher says:

    Hi Damien,

    Great course, really enjoyed it,

    Cant wait to get started


  11. marie says:

    Dear Damien,

    A few weeks ago, I came across an article late one night that I had cut out previously but had not read in The Sunday Times dated ‘January 20th 2008’ entitled ‘Discover the real beauty of blogging’ by Sandra O’Connell. Having absolutely no real idea about blogging I was impressed and intrigued by what I read. Being interested in business and enthusiastic about what I could try to do to if others can do it, I immediately went about seeing if i could get in touch with you as the article mentioned that you ran training courses. I was astonished when you did return my query about the course as i thought there is no way this guy is going to answer to somebody that he doesn’t know! When you mentioned that there was a course being held in Cork I was thrilled! I contacted Aileen from Sort my books as mentioned by you who gave me all details. I took two days off work , bought a new laptop and drove the long route to Cork down by Wicklow, Wexford and Kilkenny stopping by a police station to ask for directions. It was great to meet with you on the Saturday morning and Aileen and Ann helping me with my laptop. The atmosphere of the class was great too. Everybody spoke a little bit about themselves and what they hoped to achieve through blogging. This immediately put everybody at ease.
    I found the course very suitable for somebody like me, who has no idea about blogging but who wants to learn. You explained the blogging proccess, the advantages, the rules, the Irish blogging scene, how other blogs and bloggers work, tips for bloggers and setting up your own blog. I found the course easy to listen to, well laid out and clear. Your style of teaching was simple to the point and humourous. At the end of the class I knew alot more about blogging and felt confident about how I could use this medium in my lifestyle. At th moment I am doing a nighcourse towards a diploma in Public Relations. Once my exams are over in May I intend to start on my blog. I am really looking forward to seeing how i get on.Thank you and Sort my books for making an article read turn into a real learning experience that i will have for life. Good luck with The Irish blogging awards and please let me know about the course in Dubln coming up in April, and most importantly watch this space………..emmmmmmmmmmmmm what shall i write about????? I have since bought 3 books on blogging,,,,