Grab your balls like the guy in the poster

“No Lucinda, I meant Barry. Barry stop fucking playing vroom vroom.”

Ball grabber

Meanwhile, the branez of Young Fine Gowl said that this is marketing and all the people talking about it are spreading the word about Lisbon. Jesus, isn’t that what those idiots in RockTheVote said? There was more talk about the whackery of the campaign than the election but apparently that’s still classed as a positive key performance indicator. Oh I got the word wrong. Sorry, let me try this is a Lucindkar accent: “Morketing, yaw”. There we go.

Anyways, the branez are now pictured below. Apparently the idea to put an emasculated hairless man just wearing tight underwear was decided by these guys as well as a fairly bland picture of a woman. Do the branez of Fine Gael honestly think a man showing some of his pubic area (also hairless) is a good image of masculinity or is attractive to a woman? Real mean have body hair. I doubt real people exist in the universe of any youth wing though if this is the carry-on.

If you wade through the childishness of some of their comments on you’ll see that these kids actually think that any publicity is good publicity. Noise is as good as volume and quality? Even sitting in a four wheeled bike looking like a gimp is good publicity?

Libertas are sooooo scared now. This is FinePower unleashed. Genie and bottle, Pandora and box. Even if Libertas secretly are the CIA. Oh you didn’t know that? Yeah, Libertas even have their own private jet whisking people from Dublin to Galway and back. Dec Force one. Waterboarding happens on the short flight using the complimentary Ballygowan fizzy water. But as the below photo shows, Team FinePower gets the last laugh.

The clowns that were sent in

Take Enda With You. FB Group.

12 Responses to “Grab your balls like the guy in the poster”

  1. Declan says:

    Well I suppose EU Treaties are like the Carling Cup of Irish Politics. The big teams just push out their youth wings to get them some experience. If they win thats great and they might get a run out at the next FA cup final. If they loose it doesnt really matter since they can just try again next year.

  2. 73man says:

    At least they’re not trivialising the whole process…the cunts.

  3. Green Ink says:

    Iain Dale has picked it up now.

  4. stretchneil says:

    Oh sweet mother of fucking Jesus.

    I mean really.


  5. emordino says:

    Right, so the level of discourse we’re at on this thing is something like

    Against: The Lisbon Treaty contains specific provisions to murder every child born in a month with a c in the name.

    For: I don’t know, something to do with tits.

    I have to say, I’m on the fence here.

  6. Damien, your comments about Libertas are disgraceful, shocking, inaccurate and libellous …… we would NEVER use Ballygowan, Galway Irish Spring Water is our preferred water!! 😉

  7. Damien says:

    Of course! And if you rearrange the letters for Galway Irish Sprint Water you get “rendition flights”. Well, if you replace a few letters…

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  9. tipster says:

    I did like the Daily Irish Mail’s headline this morning: “Enda, were you briefed on this?”

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  11. Cllr. Sean says:

    Here’s a look at the Nationl Excutive of Young Fine Gael in full action. Their great craic.

    Mighty stuff: