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Fluffy Links – Wednesday 25th June 2008

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

Get em while they’re fresh. Sign up to PutPlace now and mind your media.

A letter to Rachel.

iGaelige – An blag nua ag Concubhar Ó Liatháin.

Rowan chats to Ryan about getting that elusive pay rise.

Well there are a few games left – Euro2008 coverage by Fustar.

Niall Kitson is a-blogging.

Reporter on murders turns out to be murderer. That’ll be a film so. He even had a bad relationship with his mother.

Weezer and 200 of their fans sing Radiohead.

Karl Lagerfield on his first day as a lorry (pronounced lurry) driver.

I want. Or Wantsies.

Via Fabulist:

Via Robin:

Fluffy Links – Tuesday June 24th 2008

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

What have the Romans Greens ever done for us?

Captain America’s in Cork. Never fails. At being shit.

Busted. Julian catches a supplier out. Meanwhile he has a nice recipe for gumbo. Yum.

Nick’s blog is a journal about his son Jacob who has down syndrome.

Via Alan. This is how you make physics fun.

Mad. AVG antivirus is inflating website stats due it scanning your browser cache. Also bad for bandwidth bills.

I like this take. Russell doesn’t have time to blog now that he works from home.

Rob (we’re buds now so I can call him that) used glory-hole in a review of tech. Time to up the game.

Good post from Des on starting a WordPress based blog.

Classic scene from a classic movie:

Fluffy Links – Friday June 20th 2008

Friday, June 20th, 2008

Off to London for the weekend. Careful now.

Maz has a new blog. Looks great already. Tis called Made Marian.

New blog sur le block. Fitzy’s Cloud.

And another.

Is this the most comprehensive post about Leonard Cohen ever on an Irish blog? Can you tell Bock is a fan?

Una talks about advertising on blogs. Would you do it?

Russell talks about Booklert.

On your last day, what would you do?

The Bank of Common Knowledge. Interesting project.

Flickr founder resigns from Yahoo! Brilliant resignation letter.

Google Streetview car gets busted.

Some films of Chris Maker (of La Jetée fame) have been released. Arty.

In the UK their telecoms regulator has a consumer panel. One that oftentimes smacks down the regulator. They are not hacks that the regulator handpicks to sit on their holes watching the regulator present them with lies and nod like a dog for half a day, get a free lunch, collect €1500 and come back again in 4 months and repeat. Unlike Ireland. This is their annual report.

Master Massey & Shyhhy Welly – If Yer Gettin’ Cows

Fluffy Links – Thursday June 19th 2008

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

Rick wants bloggers to go to Jay-Z with him. Apply within.

A certain car hire company. Arses. can’t say someone is banned now if they used their real name as their username? What bollox.

LouderVoice and Bubble Brothers allow you to review your wine purchase.

It’s Gay Pride around the world this week, Google have been rolling out the rainbow flags it seems.

Meanwhile on the same topic one of the politico bloggers talks Equality rights in Ireland.

ComReg hates black people BT.

BBQ Sauce Nazi alert. Woman not allowed to buy Jack Daniel’s BBQ sauce because of lack of ID, then refuse to let her brother buy it as he might give it to her. WTF!

How to do your own ads on Facebook. A video guide!

Deffo needs highlighting. Installing and skinning WordPress. A simple guide.
Via I guess I’m floating:

She and Him – Change is Hard:

Fluffy Links – Tuesday June 17th 2008

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008

Clare Herbert is interning in Washington DC at the moment. Her blog is well worth a read. There are also Irish interns working with Clinton, Obama and McCain this summer. Very exciting times to be in D.C.

Via Eoin. DCU’s big boss has a blog. A damned good blog. Well done big boss!

Via Alexia, did you know you already have a premade phone book in Facebook of your contacts?

Great post. How to source good offshore developers.

UK bans product placement in TV shows.

Teehee @ Twenty.

I do love the posts on A Townplanner’s blog. This one about the Luas is great.

10 hours of battery on the MacBook Air. Yes please! Thanks Elana!

Open Sourcing law. Bring it.

Allotments for Westport? Great idea.

Want this t-shirt given to every Irish blogger.

Ducks snore. This is woefully cute:

Fluffy Links – Monday June 15th 2008

Monday, June 16th, 2008

Check out the blog Leeside Story by Emer Harrington

IMRO now suing Eleccy Picnic. Nice sort them.

Euan riffs in Enterprise 2.0 but it can apply to any new idea inside a company.

I believe I can fly. No you can’t you conman. How David Copperfield flys.

Mossberg reviews the Samsung phone and mentions the iPhone how many times?

Only recently found the blog Photoshop Disasters. This one is fantastic.

Metallica has to backtrack after telling bloggers they were not allowed to review their music. Gobshites.

Google Browser Synch discontinued. Damn.

But they are building an ISP throttling detection tool. Interesting.

Via Fabulist

Fluffy Links – Friday the 13th of June 2008

Friday, June 13th, 2008

What a great post. Blogging really is therapeautic.

Alexia has a new blog gaff.

South of Dub. Property blog. Very interesting stuff on it.

Well done to the Dial2Do folks who won the SVASE Launch in Silicon Valley.

David Behan has launched an online memorial service. Congrats.

Seriously? Eamon Ryan opts out of addressing data retention issues? He’s Comms Minister, the law is all about spying on our communications.

So Linux on servers is greener?

Microsoft sync software, not one, not two but how many different ones have they got?

Fred Wilson gives good advice on conducting meetings that won’t waste your time.

Twingly – New blog search engine. Meant to be less spammy.

It was a hidden setting but you can enable the iPod 3G videoconferencing system easily enough.

Black Affair – It’s Real get it right

Thursday, June 12th, 2008

So my Blacklisting post got a lot of attention, here’s an example of getting it right when approaching bloggers or anyone really:

Hi Damien,

We viewed a link from for Cava Restaurant to – and just want to say ‘thanks’ for the link – your site is very informative.

Again – many thanks.

Warmest regards,


Imagine if every company thanked someone for a link, just like bloggers do when someone links to them. It says a company is listening, they’re thankful for the link and they don’t try and sell you anything in addition either.

Fluffy Links – Thursday June 12th 2008

Thursday, June 12th, 2008

Una lists reasons to Vote Yes today. They’re good. I think we should vote yes too for many reasons including to not let Kiddie Gael ruin it all because of their antics.

Jazz has a bluffers guide to Lisbon.

More again on Lisbon from Alex.

Green Ink reintroduced me to this post on Didl. You musta check it out.

Ben talks about the biggest hype of this year with version 2.0.

Paul interviews Drayton Bird.

Fantastic in-depth interview with Kevin Fox from FriendFeed who previously worked in Google on GMail’s user interface in the area of user experience design.

Another contrarian view of the One Laptop Per Child project and the effectiveness of it.

Fluffy Links – Tuesday June 10th 2008

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008

Oh look, the Business Post talks about the plans of the Irish Times. I think I mentioned that a while back.

Alan in Belfast talks about the new Belfast Mayor. Isn’t he a bit like someone from the League of Gentlemen?

Via Joël Céré What makes a good viral ad?

Cava in Galway
, nice Spanish food. Great Tapas. Price is so so, certainly not cheap.

Via Russell Daily Monsters.

Is this guy an honest politician or just a blunt one?

280 Slides. Apple employees build an online version of Keynote, a Powerpoint Competitor. Will they bought back into Apple?

Darth Vader theme on a Ukelele.

A nice new interface for ATMs.

This seems like a fake from Time Trumpet.