Fluffy Links – Friday the 13th of June 2008

What a great post. Blogging really is therapeautic.

Alexia has a new blog gaff.

South of Dub. Property blog. Very interesting stuff on it.

Well done to the Dial2Do folks who won the SVASE Launch in Silicon Valley.

David Behan has launched an online memorial service. Congrats.

Seriously? Eamon Ryan opts out of addressing data retention issues? He’s Comms Minister, the law is all about spying on our communications.

So Linux on servers is greener?

Microsoft sync software, not one, not two but how many different ones have they got?

Fred Wilson gives good advice on conducting meetings that won’t waste your time.

Twingly – New blog search engine. Meant to be less spammy.

It was a hidden setting but you can enable the iPod 3G videoconferencing system easily enough.

Black Affair – It’s Real

3 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Friday the 13th of June 2008”

  1. David Behan says:

    Cheers for the link Damien. Much appreciated 😀

  2. AvoidingLife -> Wow! Great post.

  3. Deborah says:

    Thanks Damien. Much appreciated.