Fluffy Links – Thursday June 19th 2008

Rick wants bloggers to go to Jay-Z with him. Apply within.

A certain car hire company. Arses.

Boards.ie can’t say someone is banned now if they used their real name as their username? What bollox.

LouderVoice and Bubble Brothers allow you to review your wine purchase.

It’s Gay Pride around the world this week, Google have been rolling out the rainbow flags it seems.

Meanwhile on the same topic one of the politico bloggers talks Equality rights in Ireland.

ComReg hates black people BT.

BBQ Sauce Nazi alert. Woman not allowed to buy Jack Daniel’s BBQ sauce because of lack of ID, then refuse to let her brother buy it as he might give it to her. WTF!

How to do your own ads on Facebook. A video guide!

Deffo needs highlighting. Installing and skinning WordPress. A simple guide.
Via I guess I’m floating:

She and Him – Change is Hard:

2 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Thursday June 19th 2008”

  1. Flirty says:

    Thanks for the Facebook guide, it was excellent – please continue to link to similar if you come across them.

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