Fluffy Links – Thursday June 12th 2008

Una lists reasons to Vote Yes today. They’re good. I think we should vote yes too for many reasons including to not let Kiddie Gael ruin it all because of their antics.

Jazz has a bluffers guide to Lisbon.

More again on Lisbon from Alex.

Green Ink reintroduced me to this post on Didl. You musta check it out.

Ben talks about the biggest hype of this year with version 2.0.

Paul interviews Drayton Bird.

Fantastic in-depth interview with Kevin Fox from FriendFeed who previously worked in Google on GMail’s user interface in the area of user experience design.

Another contrarian view of the One Laptop Per Child project and the effectiveness of it.

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  1. Didl ie says:


    That Didl logo is a complete rip-off !!