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Fluffy Links – Monday December 3rd 2007

Monday, December 3rd, 2007

Adam points out some impressive customer service from Auctomatic.

Gerry’s pisstake Holy Communion mag may become a reality.

Check out the new Irish Arts Blog.

I’d heard of MILFs but not Cougars. Good to know.

Online reviews and boost product prices.

Goatse in the sky with diamonds.

The Pirate Bay really are knifing the music industry. Now they have integrated a music discovery engine so you can pirate more music.

Tim Berners Lee on Facebook, the Semantic web and all that.

The Web 2.0 business conundrum. Build an idea and an audience and then make money how?

Via Random Reflective Rantings is the I ♥ Jackie Healy-Rae Facebook group.

An ad for booze done by Scorcese like it was a documentary of him making an undone Hitchcock movie. Complicated? Maybe. Viduallu beautiful.

Parachuting cats should be a phrase that gets used more.

Fluffy Links – Thursday November 29th 2007

Thursday, November 29th, 2007

Paddy’s Valley gets better, now confirmed to visit Meebo and to go drinking with the Scobles and Loic le Meur and anyone else that wants to come along.

Via the Limerick blog. Now that’s a nice linkup, the Limerick Leader is listing local Limerick blogs on their site. All newspaper sites should be doing this.

Both Donncha and AJ point out the latest ads for eircom broadband that try and embarass people into buying broadband. ICAN are the ad agency that have done them and the ads are the most absolutely fucking moronic thing I’ve seen in a while. ICAN said at a recent conference organised by the IDMA a few weeks back that these ads are to encourage people to get broadband at home and not surf in the office during the day. Yes, cos you go red from the ad and you think “eircom is right, I’ll buy their broadband now.” Eh no, I’d try and find the idiot that came up with this ad and introduce them to a lumphammer, though, that’s how they probably managed to concoct such a stupid idea on day one.

More proof that ComReg lie. They say we talk more than the rest of Europe. OH NO WE DOESN’T. The mobile phone bankrolled TIF then say we have higher bills because we text more. Oh please.

Shrooms (the filum) very very selectively quotes from the Irish Times review of the movie. I bet if the review said SHIT, the morketing droids would quote it as HIT.

Boards of Canada – Music Is Math

Fluffy Links – Wednesday November 29th 2007

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

Mulley’s not so secret project No. 2 is live – – Irish Food and Drink aggregator. Kick the tyres but don’t twist off the aerial now!

There’s a blog for everything, like the Galway Public Libraries blog.

Burkie is also back.

Wii helps man find out his wife cheated on him. No, Mario did not say “She a cheating on you, witta me”.

Get a Bebo sim from o2. Basically it gives you a week’s free access to the mobile version of Bebo.

What the hell? Spud tourism? Don’t mention ze famine!

How to hack Facebook, kinda.

Nail and head. I Don’t Want To Consume Media That I Can’t Interact With.

The new Guinness domino ad, love it:

Fluffy Links – Tuesday November 27th 2007

Tuesday, November 27th, 2007

The next Barcamp is in Kilkenny around Feb 2008.

The EduBlog Awards have been announced. Nice one Josie et al!

TiVo seeps into daily lives.

In the week where grown ups showed how scared they are that their kids are rejecting privacy, the UK Govt removed a hell of a lot of it for the kids. Some week. And so Ze Frank on Privacy.

Using the Wii to teach kids maths.

Seems being featured in an iPod ad is the new movie soundtack superstardom. They just need to start a record label now and win win.

Molecular Gastronomy – A video!

A few years ago we thought these pound shop watches were shite. Now they’re cool and retro.

Via Sinéad – Bill hicks on marketing

Boards of Canada – an eagle in your mind (fan vid)

Fluffy Links – Monday November 26th 2007

Monday, November 26th, 2007

This was meant to go out this morning after sneaking out last night for a few seconds and sneaking back into it’s box again. Tut tut. Here ya go.

Anyone else going to answer Sinéad’s question?

A two for one special from Dave. Dave points out that if your ad is sexist to women it will be banned but not the other way around. Not that the ad companies are obliged to listen. Dave also rants about the BT Complaints webpage and a wiley little thing that probably cuts down on submissions.

Michele points out that Camtasia or at least an older version is free. This is a great app for doing video screencasts/video tutorials.

Paul Browne has a fantastic post on why you should blog for business.

The other Paul has a good intro to Google’s Open Social. Open mehole.

Una’s Book nSupp has started. A book club done over food and booze.

If there’s one Facebook app you need to install it’s the Nothing application.

Erm, when you sang their national anthem you said they had big you know …

One laptop per child, one future.

iPhone sales in the UK are tanking?

Al Murray ripping into an American:

Ronnie Johns mocking Chopper:

Fluffy Links – Friday November 23rd 2007

Friday, November 23rd, 2007

Bock is outdoing me on this online scrap stuff. G’wan!

Talk about Facebook love. Look at this Google leaving letter.

Only noticed this snooty page from the IEDR now.

Seven years ago the Oireachtas gave the Minister certain powers (Note 1) in relation to the .ie namespace. These powers were never exercised by him, and in May 2007 these powers and others were transferred to Comreg (Note 2). Following this transfer, Comreg has now decided to do a health check on .ie registry operations.

I want one of these umbrellas.

Oracle’s social network. They force you to sign up to one of their newsletters before you get in. SPAM.

The Asoh defense.

Many will trade their right to vote for money. The bastards always get in anyway. Might as well sell?

“Once a spiritual totem, spit is now just another informational medium.”

Via JH:

David McSavage on the Late Late for those who hate realplayer, sound is out of synch though
[google 2760077655091304100>

eircom announce their own €100k Web 2.0/tech seed fund

Thursday, November 22nd, 2007

Tonight at the Golden Spiders awards eircom announced that they have created a fund worth approximately €100k annually, which will be used to help develop four web 2.0 style concepts submitted by Irish companies over a six month period.

Details of the fund are that the funding will be released on a staged basis throughout this six month development process, though this will be on a per-case basis, so if you need more time they might give it to you.

There are many categories for which you can submit a proposal:

  • Discovery (domain specific search; indexing, ranking, querying techniques; personalisation, recommendations, information aggregation)
  • Messaging (IM; new / open messaging frameworks; email, alerts)
  • Voice (VoIP telephony; mashups; asynchronous and embedded voice applications)
  • Location (mapping; location-based services; geospacial web, location-based content aggregation)
  • Publishing (blogging and microblogging, syndication; microformats; widgets)
  • Communities (social networks, open standards, mashups, visualisations, aggregators)
  • Content creation (music, video, film & TV, gaming, sport, lifestyle)
  • Advertising (formats, platforms, technologies, networks, targeting, syndication, widgets)
  • Identity (presence, capabilities management; lightweight identity platforms, cross-platform solutions, social identity management)

Walter Higgins from company Sxoop that created Pixenate is probably one of the companies well suited to apply for this fund, on hearing about the fund he said:

I welcome it whole-heartedly I think it shows great initiative by eircom in encouraging irish web innovation and it is definitely something I will look into further.

Cathal Magee from eircom (in the press release) said:

“The aim of the fund is to incubate creative and innovative web application development at the grassroots in Ireland. The establishment of the fund is a clear signal of eircom’s outward approach to innovation. The company must be well positioned to maintain its leadership position as the next wave of web services are introduced.”

Full details are available here: You have til February to send in an application.

Tom Corcoran from the WIT Research and Innovation Centre had this to say:

It looks like a very welcome, interesting and smart move by Eircom. Aside from generating some excellent PR (for Eircom and for the successful companies), an injection of €25K into a small number of start-ups could be of great benefit, especially when its allied to a potential customer of this stature. I like the approach of supporting just four companies rather than spreading the fund thinly. The categories as outlined are ideally suited to quite a number of Irish early-stage businesses and I have to believe that competition will be
intense. For any company in this field, winning Eircom as a reference customer could open many other doors and could also make it easier to attract investment.

Tom did note though that it was unclear from the announcement about who owned the IP but Mark Taylor, head of content for clarified and said that eircom are not looking for any equity in the company or product.

So there you have it folks. 25k for a product you create and will hold on to, the chance to launch it on – one of the busiest sites in Ireland and continued financial support afterwards. I also believe that as well as financial support they’ll happily give other support in terms of marketing and feedback on the technology side too. So what’s holding you back?

Fluffy Links – Thursday November 22nd 2007

Thursday, November 22nd, 2007

Gerry samples some Sublime wine.

Haha. Off The Meat Track with a picture that says it all about magazines.

While it’s a guide on how to blog for the Washington Post, this is a good guide blogging for yourself or for an organisation.

More gripes about Facebook Beacon.

Seth Godin on Eye Tracking.

A wooly balaclava with a beard!

Fluffy Links – Wednesday November 21st 2007

Wednesday, November 21st, 2007

(Welcome new subscribers to

Fantastic. Claire is helping to get an Educate Together school set up in Greystones. Well done Claire.

Sharon points out that the fundymedia folks are picketing the state broadcaster over their censorship of some important issues. When cancer experts are now allowed on air because their pithy analysis of cancer care in Ireland does not please a Minister, then a stand needs to be taken.

An Irish Pharmacist blogs about the HSE and their war on pharmacists and the medical card.

Head of special initiatives at Google thinks Auctomatic is hot.

IrishElection got a makeover. Great design and love the new additions.

Meebo, my fav web based multi-IM client is becoming even more of a social network with this games addon.

PollDaddy also expands. If I owned this Irish-owned service I’d be leveraging the install base to carry out polls across this “network” of polling widgets. “We can poll a million people for you in the next 24 hours” and then send the poll out and give a little cash to the people who host the poll. Facebook make money with the quick polls. PollDaddy should do the same.

Séan is teaching his peers in school how to blog. More of this.

Via Stephen is this YouTube video that looks like it’s from the 60s but two vintage cameras from eBay gave it this look:

Cringe! Chuck Norris political endorsement. Chucks gotten some plastic work done.

Donncha recently asked me how I compile the fluffy links I generally do every day. Mainly I have my blog editing window open in a tab in Firefox. As I see things that interest me and I find interesting, I will update a draft blog post with these links and a little bit of commentary or just open a new tab in Firefox with that link. At the end of the day I can sometimes have up to 60 tabs open. I become more selective too the longer the tab is open. I’m subbed to about 220 news feeds right now and the content from them mixed together is quite eclectic so I think at least one link each day will appeal to the (allegedly 800+) people that are subscribed to this blog. What I’ve noticed in the past while is I’ve been putting stuff that highlights what Irish bloggers are saying or doing at the start of the fluffy links. Something which was not a conscious decision. I’m also noticing too that resultant from this I get emails almost every day asking for a Fluffy Link. Just so you know, I am happy to link to something that you think I’d find interesting. So email away. At one point I was 2 weeks ahead with my fluffy links but not so these days.

Fluffy links – Monday November 19th 2007

Monday, November 19th, 2007

Patrick Collison now stars in the Irish curriculum.

Christmas is coming. Check out this sweater. (Via Andrew)

Website managed to buy a football club!

I so want a Chumby. I got my Wii last year and my Elmo. Now it’s this.

Girl Talk! Woo.

Free booze for UK Twitter folks.

Escher’s Hands redone for robots.

Think telecoms in Ireland is bad? How about Regtel for premium number services. Run for the industry by the industry. Read how they redefine what a complaint is and then say the numbers of complaints went down. Scammers.

Mathy shelving goodness.

Another That’s Ireland classic: Fifty Ways to Laugh at Voters the Vidjo