Fluffy links – Monday November 19th 2007

Patrick Collison now stars in the Irish curriculum.

Christmas is coming. Check out this sweater. (Via Andrew)

Website managed to buy a football club!

I so want a Chumby. I got my Wii last year and my Elmo. Now it’s this.

Girl Talk! Woo.

Free booze for UK Twitter folks.

Escher’s Hands redone for robots.

Think telecoms in Ireland is bad? How about Regtel for premium number services. Run for the industry by the industry. Read how they redefine what a complaint is and then say the numbers of complaints went down. Scammers.

Mathy shelving goodness.

Another That’s Ireland classic: Fifty Ways to Laugh at Voters the Vidjo

3 Responses to “Fluffy links – Monday November 19th 2007”

  1. Niall O'K says:

    The video doesn’t work… shame… 🙁

  2. steve white says:

    regtel link is wrong, can’t find it…