Fluffy Links – Monday December 3rd 2007

Adam points out some impressive customer service from Auctomatic.

Gerry’s pisstake Holy Communion mag may become a reality.

Check out the new Irish Arts Blog.

I’d heard of MILFs but not Cougars. Good to know.

Online reviews and boost product prices.

Goatse in the sky with diamonds.

The Pirate Bay really are knifing the music industry. Now they have integrated a music discovery engine so you can pirate more music.

Tim Berners Lee on Facebook, the Semantic web and all that.

The Web 2.0 business conundrum. Build an idea and an audience and then make money how?

Via Random Reflective Rantings is the I ♥ Jackie Healy-Rae Facebook group.

An ad for booze done by Scorcese like it was a documentary of him making an undone Hitchcock movie. Complicated? Maybe. Viduallu beautiful.

Parachuting cats should be a phrase that gets used more.

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