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Monday, December 24th, 2007

Fluffy Links – Christmas eve babe 2007

Monday, December 24th, 2007

Twas the fluffy before Christmas and all through the site, the blog owner was linkless, so he bought badges saying 07 was shite.
He arsenal was dry, he barely had one link, and then came a rhyme and he began to think,
So he composed something with his mind not that great, but he got inspiration from a poem by Yeats.
Could he point out an awe inspiring speech Or maybe designer water well out of his reach?
He realised this rhyming took effort, he yearned for his bed, then decided to highlight a fun video with the VC named Fred.
Then he decided to wrap up before people got bored while pointing out 28th position was a success for a song about whores,
And at last his parting gift to his blog readers was A dali watch, combined with a perverted music video about things from a crotch.

Fluffy Links – Weekend edition December 22nd 2007

Saturday, December 22nd, 2007

The Manky Toy Show is on tomorrow night. Log in and see and take part!

News is out that Harry’s moving to the Times. Well done Harry.

Fun postcard prank.

Another summary of Paddy’s Valley.

PC did not pay their bill:
PC World broke

Kevin Myers, in one complete angry book. I’ll buy it.

I love, love, love the way RTE uses the word muppet in a report.

Former lobbyist Frank Dunlop has testified that politicians believed the Planning and Payments Tribunal in its early stages was a joke populated by muppets

One of the new D&G ads:

Fluffy Links – Tuesday December 18th 2007

Tuesday, December 18th, 2007

I meant to blog this ages ago. They Never Froze Walt Disney. In Cork. In January. See the trailer at the end of this too.

Dickheads of the year (2007) Irish Edition, who are yours?

Joel writes a nice piece on how to demo software.

LIFT looks like a good conference. Any Irish going to it? Or the venture evening?

Russel Davies has made a list of some very good conferences to attend. Conferences are the new music festivals, though without the terrible toilets and bug infested swamps camping grounds.

Seth from Meebo who we met during Paddy’s Valley talks about Venture Capital.

Animal lovers will no doubt write in en masse.

NES emulator for the iPhone. I might install it. On. my. iPhone.

Vista biggest crock of shit in 2007? Whudda thunk it.

Ribbit allows you to add voice/telephony to any webapp. Clever. What I like though are the demo videos they made to explain it. Much better than a blog post.

Tailer for They Never Froze Walt Disney:

Fluffy Links – Monday December 17th 2007

Monday, December 17th, 2007

Is mise Donal Duck? RTE are oirishing Disney?

So people are now slow to trust Governments with their data? Took some time didn’t it?

A great summary of what Vendor Relationship Management is.

Via Kottke, love it:

Trying stuff is cheaper than deciding whether to try it.

Via RFJ Track all your packages in one go with Track the Pack.

Dickheads of the year. Irish version to follow? Twenty, ya want to make one?

There’s a competitor to Redbull in America for the girlie market and some sales proceeds goes to a breast cancer charity. It’s called Go Girl. That’s me modeling for them.

I bet she nagged him into it.

Fluffy Links – Friday December 14th 2007

Friday, December 14th, 2007

Bock has at it with the Brothers of Charity Inquiry. Bock is like Geraldo and Prime Time mixed together with gin. Seriously though, Bock is impressing me more and more each week. Well done dude. If this fucker gets a book deal before me though there’ll be war… 🙂

Suzy scoops again.

More Paddy’s Valley meetup details from Anton.

John Collins talks about when Paddy’s Valley meets Socialtext.

Want. Want eile.

Jessi now has a blog too. Ready, steady, rant! Prolific already.

John Gormley did not mention me today. Crysies (Una you rock). I wonder though could he answer a comment somebody here made about the carbon footprint he’s left as a result of all the jetting to Bali. Someone suggested teleconferencing in to the meeting instead. Not sure is teleconferencing ready to be as good as real-life ear bending though. And by the way, still not a fan of the new Green party but fair play for the Minister for the Environment blogging, as in REAL blogging. Dialup Dempsey blogged during the election and stopped but full praise for Sandal John for the blogging.

Via the Chancer, the RTE News Bebo page.

Oh sweet Christ.

Speaking of Christ, I got the 2007 edition of this.

eircom. Tut tut.

Via Lar: The Paradox of choice:

Fluffy Links – Thursday December 13th 2007

Thursday, December 13th, 2007

Suzy has a Michael Lynn scoop. Is he off to Brazil?

Red Mum has a long rant about the life of someone that rents in Dublin. Politicians should read that.

Go to Sabrina’s site or else.

Bosco is back. Oh bollox. Annoy your friends this Christmas.

Teachers are getting Bebo bullying training. Perhaps getting them to use a computer is a first step. Step zero is the state providing a computer to them. Wouldn’t that be nice?

I tore up 40 euros worth of One 4 All vouchers the other day as they were out of date. Gits. Seems Conor found a loophole.

Amazon customer service, now with a funny bone.

This is sad. Using a pic of a blackberry convo for a scoop.

Remember my friends from that baggage handling company? 🙂 Thanks to Paul.
Sky Handling

Randall Munroe from mega-amazing comic XKCD gave a 50 min talk at Google. Funny, entertaining a little bit hot.

Fluffy Links – Wednesday December 12th 2007

Wednesday, December 12th, 2007

More data lost, this time in NI. This is only the stuff that’s disclosed.

Giz Conor a job. Please.

Tune into Le Web 3, live.

One of the first bloggers I interacted with outside of Ireland was Anita Rowland. RIP Anita.

Tado gear. Yum.

It seems we’ve been waiting years for the return.

For legal nerds, Daithi links to cases with odd and over-the-top judgements. The Times gives a good writeup on the cases.

Last week in Palo Alto it seemed the bus drivers relied heavily on GPS. It ain’t perfect though.

Fluffy Links – Tuesday December 11th 2007

Tuesday, December 11th, 2007

Some pictures from the ground-breaking, historical, game-changing, buzztastic Paddy’s Valley.

John Gormley is blogging from Bali. Loving the sandals. He always wore them though, right?

Self Notes, a new sevice from Sxoop.

Well, you had the chance to win Wii’s now you have a chance to win three Skype Phones from Three via 3 Mobile Buzz. Just write a blog post or do a video or something creative as to why you should win them.

Get Tom Waits’ “Christmas Card from a Hooker … ” to number one for Christmas in Ireland.

The eircom innovation fund application form is now online. (Link to word doc.)

Oh god. Fine Gael kids want an Enda song to get into the charts.

Another one of those truth in advertising videos:

Fluffy Links – Friday December 7th 2007

Friday, December 7th, 2007

From the Beeb it’s Perl on rails.

Another cool multi-use linux device.

The Golden Pages is a bit elitist.

Want to turn ideas into reality and be a tech evangelist? Talk to WIT.

Dave Weinberger at Defrag.

Join the eircom web innovation Facebook group.

700k visitors to this blog since the counter got going. 100,000 visitors since September this year.

Loving this photo.

Jim gives us more addictive The Wire treats.