Fluffy Links – Friday November 23rd 2007

Bock is outdoing me on this online scrap stuff. G’wan!

Talk about Facebook love. Look at this Google leaving letter.

Only noticed this snooty page from the IEDR now.

Seven years ago the Oireachtas gave the Minister certain powers (Note 1) in relation to the .ie namespace. These powers were never exercised by him, and in May 2007 these powers and others were transferred to Comreg (Note 2). Following this transfer, Comreg has now decided to do a health check on .ie registry operations.

I want one of these umbrellas.

Oracle’s social network. They force you to sign up to one of their newsletters before you get in. SPAM.

The Asoh defense.

Many will trade their right to vote for money. The bastards always get in anyway. Might as well sell?

“Once a spiritual totem, spit is now just another informational medium.”

Via JH:

David McSavage on the Late Late for those who hate realplayer, sound is out of synch though
[google 2760077655091304100>

2 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Friday November 23rd 2007”

  1. Is there actually somebody out there who thinks that fuckin eejit McSavage is funny?

  2. Paul says:

    That IEDR thing is funny