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Fluffy Links – Tuesday April 22nd 2008

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

Another week, another big loss of data. Bank of Ireland customer?

Have a looksee at the VRT Ireland website.

Via Sinéad Blogging lessons for Bloggers wanting to be Journos and vice-versa.

This is pretty mad. A market in Bangkok that sits on train tracks that trains still travel on a few times a day. When the trains come they move off the tracks and back on again.

Have you seen the new Skype deal? Unlimited landline calls for just over 3 euros a month.

Mobile broadband. Shit in the UK too.

CNN now does merchandise that you can put headlines on. More filtering might be needed.

dEUS – Architect

This is still my favourite dEUS song: Suds and Soda [Update: actual vid now]

Sweet Child O’ Mine

Fluffy links – Monday April 21st 2008

Monday, April 21st, 2008

Going to the Open Coffee Club BBQ on July 16th?

So so many badges these days.

New Limerick blog, the Celtic Donkey.

Something every blogger needs to watch? Stephen Fry docu on Gutenberg and the printing press.

Stephen’s investigation combines historical detective work and a hands-on challenge. He travels to France and Germany on the trail of Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of the printing press and early media entrepreneur. Along the way he discovers the lengths Gutenberg went to keep his project secret, explores the role of avaricious investors and unscrupulous competitors, and discovers why printing mattered so much in medieval Europe.

How fantastically analog. Muxtape -> Analog service. Russell Davies will put your muxtape on to a cassette.

Via JP is the brilliant BBC Sound Index on music popularity and it uses iTunes, Amazon, Bebo, mySpace etc. to guage popularity. Check how some are massive on Bebo and how that can generate sales too.

SSH into Mozilla.

Presidential candidates meet with right-wing anti-gay Christian college. No fuss made cos they’re Obama and Clinton and not McCain.

TinyURL, and now ZombieURL.

Bruce Schneier at the NJ ACLU

M83 – Graveyard Girl (their new album is pretty damned good)

Fluffy Links – Firday 18th April 2008

Friday, April 18th, 2008

Robin is seeking help to build a very clever tool for those that run a group blog.

This read as Urine to me when I saw it first:

The Beeb has a new blog comments policy. Hmmm. You need to register.

Host of Christian TV Youth Show comes out. Am sure the Homosexual Agenda snuck in to poison young minds. Will he keep his job?

Cluetrain Fucktard or Social Marketing Fucktard?

Their iProd is different to our iProd. An iPod that tells you to exercise.

A town in a tunnel. Alaska.

There are legal uses for this very cheap mass DVD copier. They say.

Conference speaker tips from the lad Kennedy.

Via Joel, the Terminal 5 song

Fluffy Links – Thursday April 17th 2007

Thursday, April 17th, 2008

You will never enjoy My Little Pony or Magnum PI after this, or maybe you will.

Jazzy and Greeny on the Emergency Planning in Ireland booklets.

Free John Gormley, Tibet can wait.

Jazzy again, take the cars off drunk drivers.

Why not! A facebook group giving out that the Irish Times is too big. Make it Berliner.

The Tony Fenton tree. No wooden or plank jokes.

Facebook has their own trends thingy. See mentions of Twitter versus Jaiku.

Great blog post from Mr Cridland on Radio in a Web 2.0 kinda world. The future, the present. Nice photo.

Skin Cancer is now following you on Twitter. Diseases having social network profiles, this is the future?

Wookie defense. Two girls one cup defense.

So yeah, the world:

Fluffy Links – Wednesday April 16th

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

Anthony Cooper has a new blog on the block. Say hey.

Arrr tis the Irish Pirate Review. “Putting the irate in P’irate”

What the hell was Newstalk thinking? They could have done the same stunt in a school, shop or church. Mental Health centres should not be treated like high security prisons.

Check out Seán Sweeney’s blog and his videos like the one below:

280 people now want Enda Kenny taken when Bertie goes.

How many female leads have there been in the Hollywood blockbusters in the past few years? How many in action movies? The XKCD have been asking the same. We need more Sarah Connors, River Tams and more movies like The Long Kiss Goodnight where there are badass female roles. If the Israeli army have women as the drill instructors, then how about we some female action stars too?

So Stephen Colbert might indeed have had Irish ancestors in the 1916 rising?

Some people aren’t waiting for Microsoft Photosynth and have open sourced their own version.

Paul Graham on why there are not more Googles and Facebooks.

Will the Catholic Church now object to getting stem cells from menstrual blood? But would we end up with really irritable clones? *ducks*

I think this is where Lordi got his inspiration: Slipknot – Wait and Bleed, whatever happened to the clown rockers:

Anime fanfic kinda thing done to Refuse Resists by Sepultura, live:

Fluffy Links – Tuesday April 15th 2007

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

Good review by Robin of Seth Godin’s Meatball Sundae. He also made a slideshow with the main points from the book.

Amárach has a blog. They talk about social media and marketing and all the rest. Amarách might be good with surveys but I’m not quite sure they’ve taken the full trip on the cluetrain. Their official blog is on blogspot?

Loving FOI requests to the Dept of Communications. What are the Sunday Times after in Feb?

Music 2.0, comes with a free book or you can pay.

So then. Who here is interested in either rewriting the iRadio iPhone app for me or creating a new app to stream some Irish Radio stations? Ah g’wan.

Via Kottke: Blog devoted to the opening titles of movies and TV shows.

So yeah, let’s make this kid get to number 1 on YouTube. He hates Ireland. Am sure in ten years he’ll cringe at it. So it must be done.

Speaking of YouTube – download mp4 versions of the videos.

Kung Fu Baby:

Fluffy Links – Monday April 14th 2008

Monday, April 14th, 2008

I really like Adam’s post here on the Young Fine Gael’s attitude to their Lisbon campaign and those of Rock the Vote.

Via Ciarán Cuffe, the Green Party’s 12 green steps blog. Not those 12 steps, though am sure they might have other 12 step plans over the next few years, like how to redeem their good name. Despite being one of the core people in the Green Party, he’s still my favourite blogging politician due to his enthusiasm for the medium, including playing with videos and the fact that he appears to be so transparent. His Wow blog post is still the best one about Bertie’s resignation.

Congrats to Keithy the sweety for the Failte Ireland gig. He’ll be involved in a combination of e-business training and mentoring for FI’s clients.

Help Joe Garde write some copy and win money.

New Irish satire blog.

The House of Lords are now blogging. Shark jump.

The googlebot is now filling in web forms in order to see what’s behind them? Interesting. Paranoia time.

Hope for those with Alzheimer’s?

Wordpess vunerable again? And again.

The hosting industry is well established but mature? (Check out the comments)

Like airplanes? Low flying ones?

and from another vantage point:

We’re heading to venus venus venus, the Final Countdown on cellos:

Fluffy Links – Friday April 11th 2008

Friday, April 11th, 2008

Today is Filthy Friday.

Best Blog Post this month, I know already. More people need to know about this atrocious shite in Hotpress.

Have a look at Maria Horan’s blog. New on the block. She teaches Irish. Some nice views.

Green Ink on the PaulWilliamsisation of crime reporting. He no likely. He right. Long right.

Seriously now. If you don’t upgrade buggypress you’ll get blacklisted by Google.

Rob is well impressed with the Google App Engine. Anyone else have thoughts?

Love the idea of colour changing road surfaces to warn about ice and so forth.

iPlayer on the Wii. Weeeeee!

The Avenue Q puppets singing Popular from “Wicked”

Rage Against the Machine – Testify – Live at Reading

Fluffy Links – Thursday April 10th 2008

Thursday, April 10th, 2008

Firstly, a friend is looking for spare tix for the bud rising gig on Fri evening. Yes, the sold out one. Anyone got any?

Along the same lines, Derek is DJing on Phantom as a warm up to the Simian Mobile Disco gig on at Spy tonight. Check it check it out.

Enda Kenny’s Facebook group now has 200+ people saying go. Sign that contract Enda!

Gay graves. Gay sections in gaves. April 10th is not ten times April 1st. This is true. Our outgoing Gay Rights Taoiseach will sneak this in before he heads.

Google Sweden as an app that allows you to nuke any city on Google maps. (Simulation only) Hat tips to Josie.

An Animal’s Home on Twitter. Clever.

Let’s play with the traffic and make traffic jam shockwaves:

Can you spot the future Taoiseach in this?

Fluffy Links – Wednesday April 9th 2008

Wednesday, April 9th, 2008

TJ has a nice piece on search engines and your data.

Via Michael James Brown, legend.

Good post by JP about Edges. Read and you’ll see.

Heard about this on Phantom. For all those that want to self-publish in Ireland.

I like this. Image shack will now download and store torrents for you for free. 15gb download limit a month, 15gb storage. You can download direct via http.

Why can’t the Food and Drink section on the Indo site have a feed?

Broadband speeds in the UK.

No money in gossip? Valleywag pay cut.