Fluffy Links – Wednesday April 9th 2008

TJ has a nice piece on search engines and your data.

Via Michael James Brown, legend.

Good post by JP about Edges. Read and you’ll see.

Heard about this on Phantom. For all those that want to self-publish in Ireland.

I like this. Image shack will now download and store torrents for you for free. 15gb download limit a month, 15gb storage. You can download direct via http.

Why can’t the Food and Drink section on the Indo site have a feed?

Broadband speeds in the UK.

No money in gossip? Valleywag pay cut.

3 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Wednesday April 9th 2008”

  1. Self-publishing seems like a very attractive option for many authors but caution is needed for anyone considering this route. Many self-publishing houses are “Vanity Publishers” because they charge the author a fee for publishing a book and the author covers part or all of the production costs… but money is what the publisher should be giving the author, not the other way round! That said… it is rumoured that the occassional better known writers started this way! ‘Caution’ is the key word if going this route… read the fine print. Rejection is all part of the publishing process… A book can be rejected for years then one day accepted!

  2. The Valleywag thing is more of a bonus cut. They get a fixed salary; once they earn more than that in pageviews they get the difference on top of it. Given that Valleywag has gotten more popular recently, it’s not entirely unreasonable (though their fixed salaries are not very high, IIRC).