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Fluffy Links – 07 May 2008

Wednesday, May 7th, 2008

Your fridge is going to have its own social network where it will talk to other fridges. It starts with radios though.

GreenYour – a Creative Commons search engine/directory for green guides.

Good ole nerdy joke t-shirts.

Peter Gabriel’s website got stolen. Heard they got in using a sledgehammer.

Facebook nabs more senior Googlers.

CCTV doesn’t work/too costly says copper. But the terrorism card will be used to keep them in the game.

Great tune.

I’m testing one of these soon. And the envelope. Oh did I mention I have a Macbook Air?

Remember Max from Gab and Max fame? He too got trapped in an elevator:

Fluffy Links – Tuesday May 6th 2008

Tuesday, May 6th, 2008

The people of Cuba are allowed to purchase PCs at long last. I’m sure many played around with homemade ones anyway and nicked ones. I’d love to see what they created themselves, it’s amazing what they have done with their cars from the 1950s. Ingenuity, it seems, thrives in environment where there’s scarcity.

This Niall McElwee thing is full of twists isn’t it?

Loving the new and free Nine Inch Nails album. Loving the way they are marketing this even more. Pay attention record industry.

Read this piece about Gary Vaynerchuk. Fascinating guy. A total energy bunny and a very rich man thanks to blogs and videos.

Not a sitcom a SATcom. A comedy you download to your GPS device set on a motorway journey. A really interesting blend of technology and art.

So someone already made an open source of Microsoft Photosynth and it looks like an open source version of their surface table thing is available too. Imagine if Microsoft themselves open sourced their model? Better yet, the Zen, it might sell more than a million!

Uh gawd. Barbie’s makers try and spin a “green” campaign from leftovers of the most eco-unfriendly toys in the world. This will not end well.

New Irish blog called Scumberculosis. Pithy political and cultural commentary?

The “Bertie, Take Enda With You” Facebook group now has almost 400 members. There are 50 people around the country sporting the badges too.

Meanwhile another tribute to Bertie.

Via You Ain’t No Picasso, Tom Waits announces some US tour dates. Ireland to follow?


Death Cab for Cutie – All is full of love

Fluffy Links – Friday May 2nd 2008

Friday, May 2nd, 2008

Eamon Ryan’s biggest fan (not me) has her own blog now. Yay.

Maybe it was herself then that paid for this statue of Eamon.

Pre-experience design. Fantastic post from Russell Davies.

This is interesting. A house from IBM’s master inventor that Twitters its energy usage.

FatFreeCart – free embeddable shopping cart for your website or blog

April and May seem to be some kind of season of data breaches. Hospital records now.

While in Italy a pissy Govt published everyone’s income levels before they left Govt.

Via Jazz Biscuit, the new Carlsberg ad:

Fluffy Links – Thursday May 1st 2008

Thursday, May 1st, 2008

Great essay from Marie Mulholland on the Marriage Equality group and their aims.

And then head over to Neilformer’s NEW blog and read his article on the issue.

Planning has started for BarCamp Belfast 08

Gordon’s doing a warts and all blog about his experience starting out with a new product.

How stupid are Marvel stopping a fanboy screening of Ironman?

Number plates to screw with speed camera databases.

This is a very short but inspiring article of what the future for some markets are.

# An abundance of information can create a scarcity of context
# An abundance of choice can create a scarcity of advice
# An abundance of content can create a scarcity of time
# An abundance of people competing for your attention can create a scarcity of reputational ways to choose among them

The BBC are going all techy with their Mayoral coverage.

Meanwhile I’m shocked Bertie didn’t win politician of the year.

via IGIF Nike ad – Music is Saul Williams – List Of Demands (Reparations)

Queens of the stone age – Feel Good Hit Of The Summer (done to House clips)

Fluffy links – Wednesday 30th April 2008

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

You heard they’re digging up part of St. Stephen’s Green for that transport link thing? Campaign to Save the Green.

There’s a whole lot of steampunk gear for sale on Etsy.

Pat points out a handy device to unlock phones via the sim card. Pretty much what turbo sim does for the iPhone but cheaper.

Peter Donegan’s landscaping blog. Read about the pink boat and the garden show.

BT did a bundle offer of a linux laptop and a copy of Microsoft Office. Not epic, but a fail.

Via El Rick, an Irish Doctor Who blog.

Haydn’s started an art social network.

I really love watches, this F1 watch is something else.

Miller are running what basically is a gossip blog about Bud. Love the idea. using dodgy links.

What mischief could you do with one of these. Here it was for Bud Rising but what would you change it to and what building or place would you project it on?

Onyx and Biohazard – Slam (Gotta love the camera posturing)

Fluffy Links – Tuesday April 29th 2008

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

Ken points out that needs a new owner and admin. Anyone want to take this on?

Check out Iarfhlaith Kelly’s blog who’s just joined the Hothouse programme.

Richard Delevan has a V interesting post on the Irish Times and property pricing. We can’t trust auctioneer’s sale prices it seems!

Via Richard Hearne. A lot of sites are being hacked with the SQL injection exploit. List of Irish ones.

So yeah, if you think I’d be interested in linking to you or if you see something you think would make a good fluffy link. Read the Fluffy link guidelines.

Now it’s 30k customer records according to Bank of Ireland.

Ok, brace for impact. Of your jaw on the floor. Gary Coleman is getting divorced already. But it’s all on Divorce TV.

Portishead – Mysterons (Roseland Live NYC) (their new album is fairly meh)

Fluffy Links – Monday 28th April 2008

Monday, April 28th, 2008

Bobby Buckley (one of the Blog Awards sponsors) has had his website redesigned and I like it a lot. He’s got an interesting blog post on Gardens and their carbon footprint too.

Carrigaline are getting their Educate Together school in September as are Greystones. 12 got the nod from the Dept. of Education in total. Fantastic.

A very good guide by Dave from RedFly on pay per click ad campaigns.

It’s not just me that’s a fan of Eamon Ryan. Mr. Wood Pellet Ireland has his say too.

Budget Travel has recently been sending out special offers using Twitter (a kind of rapidfire form of blogging).

Nope, that was me.

Facebook fan page: Your Mom
Facebook Fan pages are fun:

Or er this one.

A legal bittorrent site. Look at the amount of material. *yawn*

Social Entrepreneur. Take a looksee at the Shine Unconference.

Neil Gaiman once again on copyright.

An outdoor ad that’s a decibel meter. Clever idea.


Harper Valley P.T.A. – Jeannie C. Riley

Dinosaur Jr – Feel the Pain:

Fluffy Links – Friday April 25th 2008

Friday, April 25th, 2008

I Just Love Food. (Great domain name) Romanian Foodblogger Cristian Roman now has a blog in English. Nice posts about Dublin and Romanian food.

I’m filthy. A blog says so.

Cheers An Post. Great bloody service. They must have been playing football with this for it to break.

Anyone got the number for Fota wildlife park?

Jim has a really good piece on record stores. Certainly more than the sum of their stock.

Removing a live grenade from a guys leg. As you do.

Looking at security patches to find ways to exploit security holes. Makes sense.

Via Rick. Watch a spy drone filming itself being blown up.

Mmm typography.

Some of the Craigslist ads are great. Has there been a book yet?

Lykke Li – I’m Good, I’m Gone

Fluffy Links – Thursday 24th April 2008

Thursday, April 24th, 2008


Treasa is taking a blogging break. Hope it’s not too long.


Via Phantom 105.2 Get a free download of ‘Minsk’, the brand new single from Concerto for Constantine.

Kevin Kelly has done a follow-up to his 1000 true fans blog post. Great reading.

Why do you need a service to monitor you blogs for typos? That’s what commentors are for.

Wasn’t this an episode of Torchwood where people are growing giant slabs of meat? Peta funded?

Four Chefs on the layouts of their kitchens.

Dilbert’s new mash-up site lets you add your own punch line. Nice. The new site is shite though.

Ten Typographic mistakes we can now now make again. Right?

Codes (an Irish band) – This is Goodbye (unofficial vid)

Via I guess I’m Floating kay kay and his weathered underground – ‘Hey Momma’

Fluffy Links – Wednesday April 23rd 2008

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

Let’s talk about Gnéas baby, let’s talk about you and me… There are now 31 Facebook fans of Gnéas.

They’re like a Health and lifestyle network. John’s latest project is a site for those with RSI. Some great tips.

Shane points out the rapid turnaround Obama’s team has when a Hilary ad comes out. Hours, not days or weeks!

Patrick James is giving one of his poetry compliations away via a free download on his blog. Head over and check it out on the left sidebar.

Neil Gaiman on the best advice he ever got from a writer. Well worth bookmarking.

Haha. Google is great for spotting people making asses of themselves.

Dove soap? Great ads, here’s one from Greenpeace on what they do to the environment. Greenpeace has a DIGG account now. Love it.

A guide for corps that might want to use Twitter.

The making of Björk’s Wanderlust 3D video.

And the 2D version of it РBj̦rk РWanderlust (2D Version)