Fluffy Links – Firday 18th April 2008

Robin is seeking help to build a very clever tool for those that run a group blog.

This read as Urine to me when I saw it first:

The Beeb has a new blog comments policy. Hmmm. You need to register.

Host of Christian TV Youth Show comes out. Am sure the Homosexual Agenda snuck in to poison young minds. Will he keep his job?

Cluetrain Fucktard or Social Marketing Fucktard?

Their iProd is different to our iProd. An iPod that tells you to exercise.

A town in a tunnel. Alaska.

There are legal uses for this very cheap mass DVD copier. They say.

Conference speaker tips from the lad Kennedy.

Via Joel, the Terminal 5 song

7 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Firday 18th April 2008”

  1. Mick says:

    Def seeing wine there Damien…

    Were you after a few glasses when you read the ad perhaps?

  2. Claire says:

    Thanks for the link to the town in Alaska, sent me on a nice wee look around the internet to find more info. Just watched 30 days of night last night so I guess I’m in that frame of mind 😀

  3. emordino says:

    I got urine. So to speak. The glass of yellow doesn’t help.

  4. tipster says:

    Interesting town, but you know, you had me confused (and me entering my dotage and all). The town isn’t in a tunnel, it’s at the other side of one.

  5. dahamsta says:

    The only reason most authors don’t force commentors to register is that they generate relatively small traffic and can’t afford to lose a prospect, something the BBC doesn’t have to worry about. Plus of course it benefits them to put a hurdle in the way to lower the noise. Jesus, can you imagine what Boards.ie or Foot.ie would be like if you didn’t have to register for the vast majority of the forums? It doesn’t bear thinking about!

    I’d love to force people to register on my blog to comment, it would knock the spam overhead on the head instantly. Unfortunately I doubt my half dozen subscribers would ever comment if I did that. It’s hard enough to get them to type a few words as it is. 🙂


  6. dahamsta says:

    Dammit, it’s not my ‘blog’, it’s my website. See, you’ve even got me lowering my standards now.

  7. Matt says:

    I was actually in that town in Alaska. We went there via ferry (from Valdez, a place most people have heard of), and when we got there we drove around once, and then immediately went to queue for the tunnel to get the FUCK out of there as quickly as possible. Weird place.

    But the tunnel is cool. Like something out of a James Bond movie.