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Fluffy Links – Tuesday January 27th 2009

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

So we’re having a “Blog Awards Week” instead of just a Blog Awards day. On Tuesday the 17th of February we hope to run some kind of Foodie Blogger event. On the 18th there’ll be a Blog/Book thingymajig and that evening is Collision Course II, on the Thursday there’ll be something during the day and then the Battle of the Bloggers at SoundCheck. On the Friday, there’ll be something too. All fun y’all.

New Blog: RecessionWoman

Not everybody can be rich and nobody should be poor, but we should be able to live somewhere in the middle with a minimum of bullshit.

Ben’s mature guide to the Blog Awards. Delighted to see he feels so comfortable wearing women’s clothes.

Got 5 mins for Niall O’K’s survey? Ag go wan. 5 mins. Just 5.

This could go on forever and a bit. Worst Irish Film names. “Jesus Christchurch Super Spar”

Klara’s new blog. She can’t have just two blogs though. Heard her next blog is all about Yaoi. Also know as Benslashfiction.

It’s wrong to laugh. That much.

MAXRoam and Dopplr. A very good fit.

Tofu almost sounds nice with this dish. Almost.

So Beautiful Jobs are another site offering free jobs listings but for the whole of 2009. A job site for the Beauty Industry in Ireland. Heh, they say facial a lot. About 13, that’s my mental age, like you needed to ask.

We Are Scientists – Hoppipolla Cover Sigur Ros

Fluffy Links – Monday January 26th 2009

Monday, January 26th, 2009

Damien Blake is finishing up being a politician. He’ll still be in politics though. Best of luck Damien!

BizCamp is on March the 7th
in Dublin. With a tagline of “F**k the Recession”. Their stars, not mine. Turns out they mean “Feck” 🙂

Digital Marketing jobs from Cybercom.

Meanwhile: Rocket Jobs are doing free jobs listings for employers.

Agree with Johnnie. Litter is caused by male teenagers and they are pigs? Wrong marketing!

PopeTube not so hot. Maybe he should show a little more skin? He probably needs a bit of Queer Eye for the Pope guy.

Kevin Kelly on ownership in a digital world.

Via Steve – Art comes to the iPhone with the Brushes app. I’m seriously impressed:

Best way to get the kids to cycle to school? (They can’t take the bus now after the cuts) – Buy one of these cars, they’d sooner walk than be in it with you. A very QVC moment from the Greens:

Saying that, I applaud the Greens for at least doing something on the web. They even have a TD using Twitter and doing it properly.

Fluffy Links – Wednesday January 21st 2009

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

The first meeting of bloggers and PR people is tonight. It’s booked out though but the next one is open now if you want to go. Remember. Blogger. PR person. Unfortunately some people wanted to come along to ask people to teach them how to blog. Wrong event.

The Sentinel is far too subtle for me.

Adrian Weckler posted two posts yesterday, one on tips if sending in photos to the press, the other on how to write a good press release. If you ever want to get in the press or are in the press and want more coverage, Adrian just showed you how.

New Blog: Kevin Dunne.

OSS BarCamp March 28th, Dublin.

Transparency in TD expenses? Could it really be?

Get some Villagers tunes!

Remember Sunstroke with these lads and Soundgarden?

Fanmade vid for Creature of the Wheel:

Fluffy Links – Tuesday January 20th 2009

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

Good luck to the youngfella Obama today. You’ll go far kid.

Been up half the night with the Blog Awards stuff, so the Fluffy links are weak today.

If there is only one post to read today, read this piece taking Brenda Power to task for her attack on the character of Tony Gregory. Dead men can’t argue back.

It is vital to the democratic process that political parties are not restricted from distributing information and contacting the public.

A very reactionary statement from the Green Party after they spammed people. That kind of justifies walking into your home if your door is open and dropping in a leaflet. They won’t be stopped if it’s for politics.

LinkedIn and Facebook Groups for PR in Ireland.

It’s long since dead but I was a great fan of The Parking Lot is Full.

Via Bookslut:

Former British ambassador to Uzbekistan has released his new book The Catholic Orange Men of Togo and Other Conflicts I Have Known free online after the threat of a libel suit by “mercenary” Tim Spicer scared off his publishers.

Get it here.

Via TJ. Someone in eircom on piracy:

Think of it as helping the health and good living of rich cocaine-sniffing rock stars by leaving them with less free money to spend on sex and drugs.

Not that U.N. Declarations matter much but interesting to see the U.S. Oppose one on banning countries making homosexuality a crime. The Vatican also opposed it.

Really interesting tactics the Heathrow protestors are using. Buy land, split it, make compulsory purchases a bit tougher.

Via Jim Carroll:
Errors – Pump

Fluffy Links – Monday January 19th 2009

Monday, January 19th, 2009

Phil has now moved over to

If you’re old(er) like me then TeenCamp is humbling, yet kids much younger are now blogging in Ireland. We have Eyes of a Child and the lovely blog from a young girl I met at TeenCamp who wants to grow up to be a teenager one day. Her blog is called Girls Thoughts.

Suzy points how far the Government went to make sure Niall Crowley and the Equality Authority couldn’t do their job.

WTF moment. Paul can’t get decent marketing folks. 19 CVs he’s gone through. Hire Niall, he gets it.

Dave Kelly did a survey on mobile phones and their cameras and their web usage. Results are here and here.

Interesting Irish site on statistics about Ireland. Status Ireland.

New blog (at least to me): Yellow Roman Candles.

Bespoke Communications have a new blog. Nice to see a PR firm with an RSS feed and real blog.

Congrats to Brian Honan and his new book which you can pre-order.

Not just the blog awards that the mentalists come out of the woodwork to complain about. Choice Music bitchathon and on and on.

Great advertising for a hairdressers. Inspired.

PETA proves once again how mental they are.

Dirty Epics – We’re Coming Up

The above video was directed by Vincent Gallagher, an upcoming TV and Film director from Dublin. He received the title of Best Undergraduate Short in the Drama category for his final year comedy ‘Bright Idea’, awarded by the Royal Television Society in London. His films have also been finalists in the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival, the Kerry Film Festival and the Kodak Student Commercial Awards. This is another of his videos:

Redneck Manifesto – ‘Hibernation Statement’

Fluffy Links – Friday January 16th 2009

Friday, January 16th, 2009

Nice guide from Steph on how to get to the Blog Awards. Plane, train, automobile, boat and maybe foot.

Still looking for Blog Awards judges. We have about 50 judges now. Another 30 are needed. There are lots of blogs to judge. Lots.

Gareth asked me to Fluffy Link mySwiftstore which allows anyone to get themselves selling online quickly. Linked!

Newsweaver are looking for a Head of Marketing.

Via Iaino Dual Pricing. Nice price comparison site for Irish and UK prices.

90+ productivity links for twitter addicts

Rick was the new Doctor? Jaysus. Missed that.

Another ceremony has an award for Irish Blogging. You can’t apply if you’re heterosexual though. What if you’re in the closet, can you be nominated then?

Internet > Newspaper. Lovely project where the best web bits of 2008 were made into a newspaper. Amazing typography.

So some guy suggested newspapers should teach the Internet a lesson by not updating their online presence for a day. Six additional and sarcastic suggestions.

No WiFi in Hell, it’s official. Damn. Laptops running Vista too.

Via Kottke: David O’Doherty – Very mild superpowers

Via Monster Munch: Puppies:

Fluffy Links – Thursday January 15th 2009

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

You can apply to be a Blog Awards judge here.

Ronan Carroll aka Tenaka released his deput EP on January 10th. You can download it for free or get a hardcopy for a fiver. His mySpace allows you to listen to his songs via the browser. Check it out.

I’m liking the Choice Music Prize lineup. Some talented people in that list.

Hothouse are currently recruiting for the 17th Venture Programme which will begin in March 2009. This PDF has more details. Many people in the blogging world have done the Hothouse programme and it has a good reputation from what I hear. Now is the time to go for it…

Michael Flangan has a new online portfolio.

Rick Protest, now with photoshops.

Thomas Brunkard is a funny man.

New blogs to me: Brian H Fitzsimons.

And another: Colin Fitz.

One would have thought Channel 4 got digital.

New video from Beirut. Ah good old Beirut.

These toys, I want.

ComReg make the rules that eircom plays within, now they tell the Oireachtas they’re getting tough on eircom. After you gave them free reign the past few years.

Terrorvision – Tequila

Terrorvision – Oblivion

Fluffy Links – Wednesday January 14th 2009

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

TeenCamp is on Saturday. You going? Got suggestions for group discussions? What would you want teens to tell you about your business or industry?

NiallerH interviewed me on the tellyweb thing about blogs and me and me being narky with EVERYONE and PR in Ireland being dead in two years and got me to say rude words about things. I carried it on over on the business site too.

Today is the last day to nominate blogs for the 2009 Blog Awards. Today is also the day when we have opened up sponsorship for the Blog Awards.

The Rick Campaign is spreading!

McNightmare. If you dislike clowns and stuff, don’t click.

Value Ireland is now on Twitter.

List of Google products that make Google direct and indirect money.

Short fluffy links today. Get nominating!

Skip James sings “Crow Jane”

Fluffy Links – Tuesday January 13th 2009

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

Recruit Ireland are giving free ads to Limerick companies. Fair play.

And for those in Limerick, Evert and Chris are giving free advice.

Emily Tully is giving free PR Advice.

Via Adrian: Chris Horn tears a new one over Dell. Mary Coughlan, the Government and Michael Dell are not spared. Thank fuck someone who has weight is saying this and not being an apologist and not wanting to offend.

Via Brendan. Take the IIA Business Blogger survey.

I do like a bit of Cedarification.

LOL Fail.

Pocket Walsh. Haha.

Handcrafts are on the way back it seems. Which is not a bad thing is it?

The guy who played Omar has a blog.

Irish Website owner arrested over incitement to hatred?

I do like this poster. Getting people to choose a candidate using gum.

Some amazing social media stats.

Tricky – Overcome

Fluffy Links – Monday 12th January 2009

Monday, January 12th, 2009

Go Naill and people. Nice injection of cash!

Congrats to Pat Phelan for getting featured in the Business Post.

And congrats to Keith Bohanna and the lads in DB Twang for getting featured too.

Meanwhile Sharon’s Gordon aka the Husband lays into Homeopathy.

Via Stephen – An event for manager types that lost their jobs. Starting Today it’s called.

New blog. Fionn Murtagh.

Nice juxtaposition of the modern and er the new.

Great writing advice from Cory Doctorow. Doesn’t even have to apply to writing a book. It can be for anything.

I do like this opening hours sign.

Liking this t-shirt.

Via Aisle One: Massimo Vignelli has published a 96 page book on better understanding typography in graphic design. PDF here.

The Dodos – Fools