Fluffy Links – Thursday January 15th 2009

You can apply to be a Blog Awards judge here.

Ronan Carroll aka Tenaka released his deput EP on January 10th. You can download it for free or get a hardcopy for a fiver. His mySpace allows you to listen to his songs via the browser. Check it out.

I’m liking the Choice Music Prize lineup. Some talented people in that list.

Hothouse are currently recruiting for the 17th Venture Programme which will begin in March 2009. This PDF has more details. Many people in the blogging world have done the Hothouse programme and it has a good reputation from what I hear. Now is the time to go for it…

Michael Flangan has a new online portfolio.

Rick Protest, now with photoshops.

Thomas Brunkard is a funny man.

New blogs to me: Brian H Fitzsimons.

And another: Colin Fitz.

One would have thought Channel 4 got digital.

New video from Beirut. Ah good old Beirut.

These toys, I want.

ComReg make the rules that eircom plays within, now they tell the Oireachtas they’re getting tough on eircom. After you gave them free reign the past few years.

Terrorvision – Tequila

Terrorvision – Oblivion

4 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Thursday January 15th 2009”

  1. NiallOK says:

    Your first two links (Tenaka / Myspace) are broken.

    Una has the Choice music price list here

  2. In my defence I have a terrible lot of free time in between CV tweeks and jobsite searches.

  3. Terrorvision! Takes me right back…