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Fluffy Links – Thursday February 12th 2009

Thursday, February 12th, 2009

Yesterday and the night before were hectic. This whole 7 day a week working for yourself and then trying to do a Blog Awards is tough!

OpenCoffee. BarCamps. TeenCamps and now TeenCoffee. Next week in Dublin.

Blipathon. DJs of the world unite for a 24 hour blipathon. Via social radio service organised by Brian Greene in Dublin all monies donated go to Tuesday Child charity in Belfast direct aid towards children in Gaza.

New blog: Didn’t get the wedding gene.

And another: Whinging Recession Cunts

Via L! CIT spends 22k on two portraits of staff.

There are now 4000 Irish people on Twitter and possibly much much more.

Dell runs Google Ads for Acer laptop searches. Dell as you may know, doesn’t sell Acer laptops.

Train workshop for website owners.

That attic insulation scheme? Read a totally different view.

10 Principles That Might Make Your Work Better.

Via Fabulist: Amanda Palmer – Creep

Fluffy Links – Tuesday 10th February 2009

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

After years of me recounting how Ice Cream Ireland outranks Ben and Jerry’s if you search for Ice Cream on, Ben and Jerry’s are buying the ads for those keywords now.

Minister Ryan got caught out badly it seems.

Gary talks about Web 1.9. Is the web regressing or evolving when the numbers in a system go up?

New blog. Villa 81.

Want to get RTE TV when abroad? Paul shows you how.

Hard times on Wexford Street.

Times journo writes scatching article on Wikipedia page about him. Except. There never was a page.

The Girl Effect.

Get the whole of the New Yorker on DVD. For cheap.

Man crush for Tom Jones. Woah.

Dear Nerds.

Snow brings the fun.

Gay Street has changed.

Darts! Even the Darts players are wearing makeup because of HD TV. Tarts jokes may begin.

Fluffy Links – Monday February 9th 2009

Monday, February 9th, 2009

Enda says lets talk about the net.

The topic of TeenCamp last about two minutes and the rest of the “chat” was devoted to more random topics like Bebo, Facebook, voting etc etc. What I want to know is why aren’t conversations like these happening more often and on more mainstream stations?

Want to be a sponsor at the 2009 Blog Awards?

Val is on RTE next week. Woo. Go Val!

New blog: My life as a teacher in Thailand.

Ireland’s superman. 7 marathons on 7 continents in 7 days. Holy hell!

More on Kieran Rose and his running with the hares and hunting with the hounds.

Twitter word cloud of the Ireland Vs France match.

50% off paintings in the Nora Dunne gallery.

Some good vids on Shepard Fairey.

The design and build process of Apple. Highly interesting.


In case you didn’t hear what the FF press people suggested was an Obama moment. Suzy has it. And confirmation it was unscripted.

Jesus is what?

Roadcrew – the comic. Now and then it’s even funny.

Been invited along to a new play called Ages of the Moon. Written by the guy that wrote Paris, Texas. Here’s a vid about it:

Via Conor – Peter Doherty singing on the Late Late Show:

Fluffy Links – Friday February 6th 2009

Friday, February 6th, 2009

Want to create a mosiac of all those who follow you on Twitter? Twitter Mosiac.

Brilliant. An API to search New York Times articles.

Garda Dongdong.

Ireland’s first Data Protection Conference.

Winter driving tips for us inexperienced Irish.

Via Conor. Customers choose the price of the menu. Interesting idea. I hope it works. He’s got the press attention at least.

Tough Guy challenge. In pictures. Oh my.

Get your face printed on M&Ms.

Fun with still pics.

Google makes the music die?



Jimmy Eat World – The Middle

Fluffy Links – Thursday February 5th 2009

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

PR work experence tips from Bespoke Comms.

Love this, music using printers.

Gartenberg’s 3 laws of tech consumer gear.

Ughh puketastic. T for Two. Special t-shirts that when combined make a heart.

The future of news.

Over 35,000 people sent us stills and video of the heavy snow across much of the UK. This was a record both for the sheer number of pictures and almost certainly for the size of the audience response to a news event in the UK.

Love this wedding cake.

Get all your data out of the Google Cloud.

Stephen Fry gets stuck in a lift. He tells Twitter, world goes mad. I like this from the article though:

He also said Twitter gave celebrities a direct link with their fans – a thought that “terrified newspapers”.

Think about the power of blogs and Twitter and all the yaddyaddas and then add celebs or well known people to the mix. 100,000 people follow Stephen Fry on Twitter. When he has a bad customer experience 100,000 of the most connected people on the planet now know about it. If they tell their networks, whether that’s 8 people or 1000, you can bet that a million people will know about it soon after.

New Villagers video.

Via Alexia: Florence and the Machine cover Beirut’s Postcards from Italy

Fluffy Links – Wednesday February 4th 2009

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

Champions of Equality. Niall Crowley who got shafted in no uncertain terms by Dermot Ahern and the Department of Justice is giving a lecture.

Going to the ladies tea party on the day of the Blog Awards?

A good number of people have regged for BizCamp Dublin now. March 7th it’s on. I may be working, if not I’ll be along.

Half-price foods and goods in Supervalu.

Eoin suggests freedom of speech doesn’t mean let the hecklers win.

Good blog post from Aodhán Ó Ríordáin on 10% salary cuts from Councillors while their expenses still go unchecked.

Alan from Toddle on the Tellyweb.

Congrats to Salim on Singularity University.

50 reasons why people aren’t using you website.

Elbow sings grounds for divorce with the BBC Orchestra.

Via You Ain’t No Picasso Jeff Tweedy sings Fake Plastic Trees

I love how the whooping and laughing audience shut the hell up once he gets going. They seem mesmerised. The power of music eh?

Fluffy Links – Tuesday February 3rd 2009

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

Johnny calls for a new Irish Music Chart. Good idea.

Rick has badge envy. I have a special badge for Rick which he’ll get soon.

Nice chart from Joe on Irish Incubator programmes.

Last few days to get cheap nosh from some of the best eateries in Dublin.

Task Forces. Aren’t they the things that go along and shoot at people? A huge line-up of people who have no idea of what being redundant and scared is all about.

Vote for Rick at the Meteors and also vote for Vic (Barry) and Joe says vote for Mick too.

Yay. Now get prints of Eolai’s work.

Amazing illustration for an interesting company.

Maire Claire McKenna in Sligo who has just started a lovely little coffee company called Monster Cafe. She’s using a great little van called The Megavan which is rechargeable and fitted out with a fancy coffee machine.

Via TrendSpot: The Muppets do Peaches (Crude language and sexual references ahoy)

Fluffy links – Monday February 2nd 2009

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

AchGo covered another data leak of customer details last week. This weekend the sunday Business Post covered it. What’s interesting here is that Airtricity has taken out insurance for their customers over the data loss. The banks never did this. The banks got their screwup investigated using taxpayer money and got a report written telling them what to do in future. A report the DPC woon’t make public, despite we paying for it.

Along the same lines, an interesting blog post on how the Dept. of Justice here in Ireland doesn’t seem to want to honour Freedom of Information requests.

Nice listing of car prices at an auction from Derry. Crazy prices. Sobering prices.

Suzy talks about the lack of anyone charismastic and uniting in LGBT politics in Ireland. Most of the organisations appear to be self serving to their board not even their “members”. I remember a comment from someone on the board of an org like this bemoaning the fact that they had to have AGMs and had to answer questions from their members.

iPhone Developer days in Ireland. Yay.

Nice writeup on Steve in the Irish Times.

New blog: Science Culture Bulletin.

Schizophrenia Ireland Changes Name to: Shine – Supporting People Affected by Mental Ill Health

Good coverage by TJ on the eircom and record companies deal.

UK hotels er, not quite.

Twitter were being asses methinks about the Daily Mail Twitter account.

Putin rocks. He clever.

Swan Song (for a nation) – Rae & Christian ft. Veba

Aim – The Girl Who Fell Through The Ice

Fluffy Links – Thursday January 29th 2009

Thursday, January 29th, 2009

By the time you read this I’ll be fast asleep and not have even gotten up to fly to London to attend this. But I’ll be away Friday from this blog, so now you know why. If you are in London this evening though. Some of us are meeting up for Mexican Food.

More sponsorship opportunites for the sold out 2009 Blog Awards.

Frost/Nixon review from Charles. I really thought the movie was very pro-Nixon. Frost was a chump in it.

The first Dublin fb Megaparty which will take place this Friday at The Purty Kitchen in Temple Bar. Details on Facebook.

PR/Marketing toolkit, built by Thomas.

A business bootcamp for school goers. Great idea.


An Bord Snip.

God is a bit of a dick.

Urban Cookie Collective – The Key, The Secret

least it wasn’t this.

Fluffy Links – Wednesday January 28th 2009

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

Late in the day but here they are:

Walter is running an alternative to the Blog Awards. I very much support this.

Clown funerals. In Ireland. (Thanks Mick!)

Matching wine to Foodie blogs.

The Web 2.0 roadshow for Irish adland.

Dublin City Council have a blog for their City Development Plan.

Hack the Government day. (Their data)

The top pages on Facebook (by users) and their growth rates.

Via BoingBoing: Mark Lanegan and Kurt Cobain sing Leadbelly