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Fluffy Links – Friday January 9th 2009

Friday, January 9th, 2009

Well count me impressed! 24 people signed up to web hosting packages with that mulley voucher code. Glad to see you were able to make use of it. Now they’re offering .ie domains for 10 euros for today only. Use the code: iefridayjan09

Looseville is done by a lad called Alan that lives in Cork. This is his blog. He was recently featured in the Indo. I like this comic he did.

Mucky boots and romance. Wicklow walks for singletons.

Thomas has a post on Online Methods for Online and Traditional Media

More sheer brilliance from Ze Frank.

Great great interview about packaging design.

Conor blogs about the Foodtalk programme. Foodies should tune in!

Nice offers from the Hilton Hotel chain. Cheers Sonya!

Kottke pointed this intro to 3,2,1 Contact. Wow, I am that old:

Tycho – The Daydream

Fluffy Links – Thursday January 8th 2009

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

Delighted to see doing well on traffic. It’s a great website. Consider bookmarking or subscribing.

If it ain’t Cork, don’t fix it. Limerick is the blogging Capital of Ireland.

Digital Marketing roadshow in Dublin on the 29th. Free!

Bodies is coming to Dublin. Via Mr. P.

Gig of the year. Event of the year. Via ThrillPier.

Type Nuts. Type-themed & type-inspired iPhone & desktop wallpapers for typenuts.

The Daily Mail Headline generator. I love this one: “IS THE METRIC SYSTEM KILLING BRITAIN’S SWANS?”

Cool t-shirts and only £5 including delivery.

I do love his style.

Clever app. What should I read next?

Nintendo Wii is now a TV network of a sort.

The housing bubble hits Second Life too!

Recession. Hah.

Via Tom

71 Million views on YouTube. 71!

Chris Cornell and Pearl Jam – Hunger Strike

Fluffy Links – Wednesday January 7th 2009

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

Google says that Irish tech/dev people aren’t good enough for them. As is pointed out, a HR process where 13 interviews over 6-9 months is almost the standard is inefficient and just plain stupid. Who in this economic climate can wait that long?

Fergal of the Tuppenceworth clan is on Turbridy on Thursday Talking Twitter. Suggestions or examples welcome.

How you can help TeenCamp.

Not seen this before. Blog from theunemployed.

Robert Byrne currently rowing across the
Atlantic in a world record attempt. That’s his blog about it.

David O’Keeffe’s blog. Talented bloke says the bio.

Liam, an Irish teen, blogs about religions.

Free “Silverlight Assault Course” in Cork on Sun 18th of Jan. Sign up!

Pixenate gets some updates! The Web2Ireland blog now using Facebook connect.

Miriam Lord’s Political Awards are hilarious.

I already have the t-shirt. No, really. I’m that bad. Objectified – the movie:

Ahh Father Jack. He’s apologising for all those nasty words I called

Layla – Clapton and Knopfler

Fluffy Links – Tuesday January 6th 2009

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009

Final few days to donate those Jack and Jill phones before the draw. Still really really good odds to win some nice gear. Any old phone will do.

The next Open Coffee Cork is on Friday.

Alexia wrote a good post on Karlin Lillington’s 2009 “predictions”.

Interestingly Bernie also wrote a piece on it which was published a few hours after Alexia’s, though the timestamp on it says it was published 3 days ago.

Niall Harbison now has his own personal blog and has set himself a goal of 20k visitors a month. Nothing like putting pressure on yourself! G’luck Niall.

Beautiful. Claire has a super-cute business site now for taking pics of babies.

New blog, at least to me. Mark Coughlan.

And DJ has one that was new to me too.

Update. Nope, this is DJs.

Catholic Google. Ye what?

They’re needed. Micro-finances for apps.

Bye bye Donald Westlake. Parker rocked when it came to being badass.

Truth in advertising (Part II)

Revolting Cocks – Do ya think I’m sexy?

Fluffy Links – Monday January 5th 2009

Monday, January 5th, 2009

Where the hell were ye? I was blogging all over the holiday and you only call over now? Awwww.

Last week to donate those Jack and Jill phones, then the draw. Really good odds now to win this gear based on the number of comments and links!

The numbers for 2008 in Irish Publishing.

A totally uplifting comment from JP on his own blog.

Seen this? Championship manager still game for Irish school kids to learn about business.

Yeah I don’t know is it a good idea in this climate to list your clients who are moving Irish jobs to Poland

Via Paul Conroy: A Flickr group for Far Side re-enactments.

Great take-aways from Loic on how to start a business in 2009. Advice culled from the 2008 Le Web.

Shel provides a nice template on how to write a business book.

Oh dear. Google staff are very cynical about their products if they call their new Friend Connect too “Friend Sense”. Google helps you make money off your buddies.

Sheeeeet. Obama style. This is for you Jim Carroll!

Wikipedia over DNS. Nerdcoretastic.

The Beeb tackles the Daily Mail pratwittery about their staff blogging too much.

Pump up the bass (Not the fish Noel)

Fluffy links – Friday January 2nd 2009

Friday, January 2nd, 2009

New year, new blog from Gav Reilly. And resolutions!

New year, new blog from Liam Burke. Welcome back to blogdom Liam!

Killian from Sinn Féin has some 2009 predictions. A Yes to Lisbon eh?

Top visited blogs in Ireland? Alexa is always contrary when it comes to these things as a few dozen people with the toolbar and your blog as the homepage will boost you up. Kudos to Paul though on the hard work putting this together. Go super-sleuth!

Five things you should know about how to be a Media Whore.

Meanwhile Bargains Ireland tell you how to get around those Ryanair chargecard stings.

This is not a clever marketing idea at all. This is stupid. If people in your coffee shop ain’t buying coffee despite the aroma and look of your products, changing the network names to product names will hardly help. God almighty, THEY ARE IN YOUR STORE and you can’t get them to consume? Network names aren’t the issue people.

They say you use these to make sure you’re getting decaf. I’d use them to make sure the coffee has a proper kick. Guarantee they’ll be used to test your pee.

If you’re a nerd and have a girlfriend (it can happen) and you have no fashion sense (already a given) then you’ll think this Rubick’s cube bag would be a great present for your missus. She’ll probably say thanks too, she is afterall a very patient and understanding girl.

Gaslight Anthem – 59 Sound

Fluffy Links – Tuesday December 30th 2008

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

Congrats to Keith on his great gig in the East. Best of luck.

So TeenCamp is on January 17th in Dublin in Filmbase. Why not go along? If you’re a teen and want to do a talk or see a talk then go

Me talking shite about Twitter.

Frank’s suggestions for running a business in 2009.

Two more twitter accounts to alert you about bargains in Ireland. IrishConsumer and PriceAlerts

So I attended the first Team Tommy event Sunday and Monday, held at Castle Collison. It was a hoot and then some. Various people argue Tommy wasn’t shotgunning cans of Heino but I dunno… You had to be there I suppose. It was cool that he lined up a jazz trio too with a cool drummer. Total lie. I may be black and proud but I have no rhythm at all.

Bloody brilliant deals with Expedia to lots of places. See this thread about it.

Except the machine was to the left, not the right. They swap the machines every so often. That’s being too environmentally friendly.

Via Una Santogold – Lights Out

Fluffy Links – Monday December 29th 2008

Monday, December 29th, 2008

From the iFood lads, Food and Fizz.

New blog from Matthew. Pavelware.

Nice gift ideas for the nerd. For next year.

Buzzwords of 2008.

Art of the Title. Brilliant blog breaking down the opening credits of movies. Lovely screenshots and history.

This is what we do to the rest of the world with our junk.

Here’s a blueprint to save the newspaper industry.

Twitter sells paintings
. Irish context.

Twitter helps local politicians too.

Zombies and the food triangle.

Live iPhone apps so you can play each other or do other fun things.

Slaves in advertising. A series.

Simply not the best:

Fluffy Links – Sunday December 28th 2008

Sunday, December 28th, 2008

Another Collison is online and blogging. Lily Collison is here. Two potential Best Newcomers at the Blog Awards.

Bit late to this but holy fuck, there’s Irish craftsmanship right there!

Colm Brophy gets Obamaified and shows you how to do the same.

Via Alexia. Someone got a tat saying they love Helvetica. Now I have a tattoo that has Helvetica font but crikey, I wouldn’t declare my love for a person on my skin, let alone a font.

Nice t-shirt from James.

Congrats to SCC English for winning Best Group Blog at the eddies.

Jason talks Declarations and Mary-Lou McFootinMouth.

Haydn on the privileges of communication.

Backtype. Time to stalk.


Innocent when you dream maybe?

Fluffy Links – Christmas Eve 2008

Wednesday, December 24th, 2008

Twas the day before Christmas on the No Nonsense blog

Playboy of the Western World, modernised.

Advertising standards eh!

The British Wind Energy Association, an industry trade group, has cut its CO2 reduction calculations in half after talks with the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority, which enforces rules on claims in advertisements.

Free and pretty Powerpoint animations/designs.

“There are no tragedies. Only plot twists.” Jeff Howe is the guy that wrote that book on Crowdsourcing and writes for Wired. His son Finn has been diagnosed as being on the Autism Spectrum and he is now documenting it on the blog A Boy Named Finn.

Shopping with Tesco and touch screens. Classy.

If you’re into analytics then the new YouTube channel from the Google Analytics people will be of use.
Neato idea. An unsilent night.

Online making more than printing the paper. Oooh.

Guy Tweets live after his plane crash. People watch CNN where airport spokesman has no info yet those subbed to the guy are way inside the fence.

The Times coverage of it is hyper-bitchy. How dare a commoner get attention over their news event!

Something new every three years. Not a bad idea. Bit like Malcom Gladwell’s 10,000 hours idea.

A Draper family Christmas.

Obama’s Team have a simple but powerful comment moderation policy.

Fuck Buttons – Bright Tomorrow