Fluffy Links – Monday January 19th 2009

Phil has now moved over to IcedCoffee.ie.

If you’re old(er) like me then TeenCamp is humbling, yet kids much younger are now blogging in Ireland. We have Eyes of a Child and the lovely blog from a young girl I met at TeenCamp who wants to grow up to be a teenager one day. Her blog is called Girls Thoughts.

Suzy points how far the Government went to make sure Niall Crowley and the Equality Authority couldn’t do their job.

WTF moment. Paul can’t get decent marketing folks. 19 CVs he’s gone through. Hire Niall, he gets it.

Dave Kelly did a survey on mobile phones and their cameras and their web usage. Results are here and here.

Interesting Irish site on statistics about Ireland. Status Ireland.

New blog (at least to me): Yellow Roman Candles.

Bespoke Communications have a new blog. Nice to see a PR firm with an RSS feed and real blog.

Congrats to Brian Honan and his new book which you can pre-order.

Not just the blog awards that the mentalists come out of the woodwork to complain about. Choice Music bitchathon and on and on.

Great advertising for a hairdressers. Inspired.

PETA proves once again how mental they are.

Dirty Epics – We’re Coming Up

The above video was directed by Vincent Gallagher, an upcoming TV and Film director from Dublin. He received the title of Best Undergraduate Short in the Drama category for his final year comedy ‘Bright Idea’, awarded by the Royal Television Society in London. His films have also been finalists in the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival, the Kerry Film Festival and the Kodak Student Commercial Awards. This is another of his videos:

Redneck Manifesto – ‘Hibernation Statement’

4 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Monday January 19th 2009”

  1. I read Paul’s post about the cv’s; it’s just mental. Surely anyone going for a marketing job is aware of what they need to do to stand out? Crazy altogether.

  2. If there is one thing worse than the sea kitten thing, it is everyone going on about the sea kitten thing, for the last six months, in waves, as they notice it. The whole thing is rather off-putting.

    “In search of somebody that loves advertising” – Ah, a mad person, then. 😉

  3. Re: John Handelaar –
    Just want to address a couple of the comments you made. The chart of non-catholic population in Ireland is taken from the 2006 census and numbers required interaction with the chart in order to see.

    The chart about property rental prices are statistics taken directly from the daft.ie report which is issued every 3 months in Ireland. The chart is an index and is used to show the trends in property rent values.

    The pie chart of population in irelandis useful to show people actually how the split between males and females in this country is pretty much 50/50 and again the values are taken from the 2006 census and the exact numbers available when you interact with the chart.

    I’m glad you had a look around and if there are any issues then get in contact via the site and we’ll work to clean it up. I also had considered changing the electoral breakdown to pie chart but to the eye all slices look the same, with a bar chart it displays the info showing obvious differences.

    I’m glad I stumbled upon your comment and I could address them as feeback is the only way for any site to improve, even if it is overly harsh.