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Monday, October 30th, 2006

More new blogs on the block. 6 to be exact.

I’ll specifically talk about two more here. The first is Alan McKernan’s blog. Alan is a really good friend of mine who I know years and years and years. Alan is off in Whistler, Canada enjoying snow sports and just landed a sweet job. “Living the Dream” is his blog and it’s what he’s doing.

The other is A Random Walk down Grub Street. A foodie blog from a lovely woman in Cork. 😉 More food blogs please!

When so many people are departing from the blogging community, it is nice to see a few joining.

Fluffy Links – October 30th 2006

Monday, October 30th, 2006

Telling the time by the stars
. When you don’t have a watch, a computer or a mobile and don’t live in a city since the light pollution hides the stars. Practical. 🙂

Sneaking around RTE TV studios at night time.

Stupid deaths. – Site for sharing coupons for online sites. This is the new project from the people. Not enough coupons on it yet but I’m sure it’ll grow. Speaking of which has some cheap DVD deals at the moment.

Cute Panda t-shirt.

Via Brandish: Training video from Wendy’s. Hiphop stylee. Very 1980s. Horrible.

Request: Beirut t-shirt at their Olympia Gig

Sunday, October 29th, 2006

My favourite band of 2006 – Beirut are the support band for Calexico in the Olympia this Thursday. After spending almost half a day contemplating canceling my NY trip just to see them, I decided not to. If, however, some kind soul is going to this, I wonder could you pick me up a t-shirt (large) from the band and I will repay you once I get back to Ireland? It should be a really good gig. If there are tickets left I’d recommend going to this gig.

This is Beirut live in Moscow:

Music Recommendations for my impending trip

Sunday, October 29th, 2006

Currently I’m liking Cold War Kids, Sebastien Schulder, Hanne Hukkelberg, Girl Talk, Midlake and Cast King. Just got Tom Waits’ new triple album too. If anyone can recommend anything else then I might Google Checkout it on iTunes before I head to the states.

“In my mind it is unconscionable to not monetize the Wikipedia”

Sunday, October 29th, 2006

Via Fred who inspired Jason to blog his thoughts. Jason Calacanis sure stirred up a hornets nest there with that statement. Jason thinks Wikipedia could take in over a hundred million a year that could be used to fund charities or the like in return for some small ads. The overall tone of the piece was resoundly “Won’t someone think of the children?”. It seemed very much like children would starve because Wikipedia won’t go commercial. Would Jason like the library of congress to have each book aisle carry advertising billboards?

You can commercialise anything and everything really and one wonders why we don’t. Why do we draw a line? Isn’t the reason that Wikipedia doesn’t take ads the same way we don’t walk around in our daily lives looking like F1 drivers with sponsor names all over ourselves? Logos shaved into our scalps and brand names tattooed on our arms? We don’t need the extra cash. Nut why don’t we think of the children we could help if we did! We don’t need to distract users from their research or reading by telling them that they might like this or that product, even if it is relevant to what I’m reading. Would encyclopedia Brittanica have ads at the top of every page in their printed encyclopedias?

The backlash though is quite strong, even for people that dislike Calcanis. Next up monetizing the Book of Kells.

Amazon bombing – Getting your book to No. 1 on Amazon sales rank

Sunday, October 29th, 2006

Worldchanging bookWorldchanging, the really good enviro-blog has a new book out. They want people to Amazon bomb the book so that it becomes the best selling book that day on Amazon. As a result of a No. 1 listing on Amazon a lot more doors and shelves of bookstores will open for them. Funny how this publishing lark works. There’s no real cheating in this. Just a way of concentrating purchases to be over one day instead of a week or two.

If this helps get the word out then I’m all for it.

Bonus link. Kevin Kelly’s guide to selling your books on Amazon.

Fianna Fail at 39% – FG down 2% Labour down 4%

Saturday, October 28th, 2006

6% jump. Jaysus. So says the Sunday Business Post. Bertiegate does this?

Get your Fon on – Bonus weekend fluffy links

Saturday, October 28th, 2006

Anotin mentions that Fon routers are still a fiver but will be changing in price soon. Might be an idea to get one now.

This to me would be a great job to do. For a while.

Blogorrah are also hiring.

Seems they don’t need a Government in the Czech Republic. The Czech Republic, which held general elections in June, still has no government but seems to be doing fine.

Ze Frank Vs Rocketboom continues. Style versus volume really. Rocketboom is current affairs where as Ze Frank is social commentary. Ze builds a community whereas Rocketboom builds capital. To me it seems like the old Apple V Microsoft debate.

Jaysus that spamming stuff never ends. Thanks for the link Sparky.


and we must have a video musn’t we?
This is Kinky with the song “Twisted Sister”. It features the unmistakable David “Elsewhere” Bernal. I mentioned him before.

Hopefully I can finish what I had

Saturday, October 28th, 2006

Sinéad talks about six word stories. More than six people make replies. The post title is my submission.

Dear Aer Lingus website fuckheads

Saturday, October 28th, 2006

How about changing those session times on your site so I can fill in the passport details, citizenship details, date of births, US Address and all that other stuff for six people outside of what appears to be 5 bloody minutes? God bless cached forms from firefox. Tip for those suffering the same thing with Submit the first passenger details and not the rest. It’ll bitch at you to fill in the rest and then you get another five minutes. Repeat for each passenger.