Fianna Fail at 39% – FG down 2% Labour down 4%

6% jump. Jaysus. So says the Sunday Business Post. Bertiegate does this?

4 Responses to “Fianna Fail at 39% – FG down 2% Labour down 4%”

  1. And another thing: I doubt road safety will be an issue on the doorsteps when general election canvassing begins.

  2. Damien says:

    It will be if it is made to be. Anything can be made an issue of really. Just needs momentum.

  3. Simon McGarr says:

    My SSIA came out before those polls.
    I’m not the only one.

  4. Barry says:

    Hi all you Bloggers and fans of Gavin Sheridan (award winning Blogger) and defender of free speech. Well have I got news for you. Gavin has become a right pain (and not just in the arse) lately and has introduced some serious censorship on his website. He simply could not deal with all the negative comment that was being posted in response to his, and Anthony’s (the brother) headline pieces. Our Gav was at his wits end with all the criticism (from The Crewser, Dalkey Observer and others) that he introduced a device known as “your comment is awaiting moderation�
    This is a euphemism for Editorial Censorship.

    It gives old Gav some breathing space and a chance to filter out any negative comment.

    Can this be the same Gav who has been blogging since 2002 finally adopting some of the tactics used by the Chinese rulers to keep their peasants at bay. Surely not.

    Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the items which Gav and Anto are putting up as headline pieces are so threadbare and indefensible that the fans who used to enjoy this type of thing are getting bored and are not leaping to his defence anymore.

    Anyway its really sad to see this great Blogger adopt such extreme tactics to prevent people responding to his views.

    Censorship, they say is the last refuge of the vanquished.

    It does not auger well for the street cred of this famed Blogger.