Dear Aer Lingus website fuckheads

How about changing those session times on your site so I can fill in the passport details, citizenship details, date of births, US Address and all that other stuff for six people outside of what appears to be 5 bloody minutes? God bless cached forms from firefox. Tip for those suffering the same thing with Submit the first passenger details and not the rest. It’ll bitch at you to fill in the rest and then you get another five minutes. Repeat for each passenger.

4 Responses to “Dear Aer Lingus website fuckheads”

  1. brian kenny says:

    God help you if they ” lose ” your luggage. Worst info service I have ever encountered. Just getting someone to talk to will drive you wild. I took Euro 1300 off them in recompense for irreplacable items. I had to take them to the courthouse steps before settlement 15 months after the baggage disappeared.
    I believe there must be a warehouse stacked to the roof somewhere.Presumably they sell it all off once yearly and throw a party.

  2. Karen Chang says:


    Here is the ultimate in charges – I’ve expected to be charged to check luggage for a while and expect to have to pay for a can of soda or coffee shortly. But to be charged to reserve a seat is absolute nonsense. I suggest to EVERYONE – DO NOT RESERVE A SEAT. And ear lingus deal with it at check in time at the airport. It appears to me that we so them a favor by checking in online, cehecking our luggage on line and taking a seat online – yet the airline wants to charge for the privelege of us doing their work.

  3. Langer Dan says:

    Still has not improved on shitty, badly designed aerlingus website. I had similar problem with 5 people on same booking to Spain – all 5 DOB, passport numbers, passport expiries etc, to be entered within ludicrously short session timeout.

    Looks like they have the same timeout on the whole site, and cannot figure out how to have short timeout on flight selections, while having long timeouts on form filling when they already have your money.

  4. Ian Mahon says:

    The Aer Linguis web site is cleverly designed to attract sales only. If you want to contact their so called customer service department, good luck! They don’t provide an email address and the Fax number they provide (very hard to find) is not answered.
    I’m trying to recover expenses for incidentals when they lost my bags for a week, but I can’t get past first base.
    I had a similar incident with BA about a year ago. I think they are all tarred with the same brush