Get your Fon on – Bonus weekend fluffy links

Anotin mentions that Fon routers are still a fiver but will be changing in price soon. Might be an idea to get one now.

This to me would be a great job to do. For a while.

Blogorrah are also hiring.

Seems they don’t need a Government in the Czech Republic. The Czech Republic, which held general elections in June, still has no government but seems to be doing fine.

Ze Frank Vs Rocketboom continues. Style versus volume really. Rocketboom is current affairs where as Ze Frank is social commentary. Ze builds a community whereas Rocketboom builds capital. To me it seems like the old Apple V Microsoft debate.

Jaysus that spamming stuff never ends. Thanks for the link Sparky.


and we must have a video musn’t we?
This is Kinky with the song “Twisted Sister”. It features the unmistakable David “Elsewhere” Bernal. I mentioned him before.

One Response to “Get your Fon on – Bonus weekend fluffy links”

  1. Rocketboom vs Ze Frank eh? Do a straw poll of 20 of your friends and ask them if they have ever even heard of either of them. The echo chamber at its very very worst.