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Cory Doctorow talking about copyright. Not watched it yet but will when I have time. So, yeah I might never see it.

Bright Eyes. You instantly humming the Watership Down theme ? I heard lots of hype about this boy and got the latest two albums from this guy. I liked ” I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning” which was very folky and had a great intro with him telling an unusual story. The other album “Digital Ash in a Digital Urn” is very electronica; I wasn’t too gone on it. I’m certainly not going to dismiss this youngfella though so might get some previous albums. I heard he excels live. The cool thing is he co-founded his record company – Saddle Creek and he’s keeping his own in the American charts against billion dollar behemoths.

McNipple – fucked up art from Casey Weldon. yes, of course I liked it.

Imeem – complex social networking tool. Hmmm, this looks really interesting but until everyone had broadband I don’t know whether it will work efficiently. From what I gather it’s like taking your MSN list and giving them access to secure places for discussion and for sharing and working on files. It’s a good idea and one we’ll see more of I would think.

Yahoo has brought out YQ Contextual Search. I still need to try this out to see what the fuss is about. I’m not too clear how it’ll work. Fair play to them though as they have a firefox plugin for it. Someone else has implemented it on their website so that if you do a web search it’ll search using the themes on your site. Er, I think.

The new Volkswagen Singing in the Rain ad. The dancer in it is a guy called David Bernal and he’s quite the talented performer. You can see his evolution from when he popped up at a show, and melted in front of the crowd blowing his competitors away. A few years later he returned with more skills and now we see him in the VW Ad. First I thought the video was edited as if he was filmed backwards, but after seeing his abilities I’m not so certain now.

The Art of pills.

Using BitTorrent in case your blog is very high-traffic. Wasn’t this one of the ideas for podcasting too ?

Getting things done with an IT twist.

Kitten inside the screen lickin at it. Very cute.

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Ralph Wiggum Valentine’s card

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