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Off to the Paris office

Monday, May 4th, 2009 will be working from the Paris office for the next few days. We’re hoping the dodgy WiFi works so we can keep blogging and replying to that email thing. While in Paris we’re going to try and see a few sights like strikes and distain for English tourists by the people they twice bailed out. We’ll also try and get rid of that afflicition where one person talks in the third person. We like it like that.

On a side note. How many Star Wars jokes will be made today?

May Day Manif
Photo owned by aiross0 (cc)

Another gobshite wants to regulate Irish Blogging

Sunday, May 3rd, 2009

Simon Palmer from Republic PR, come on down. People are saying things on the Internet that he can’t control.

Simon wants a code of conduct and a watchdog for those that blog. I bet he’d also like women to lose that vote that we gifted them with recently.

Ideally, the Irish blogging sector should have a professional membership body with a code of conduct. Even better, they could come under the remit of a watchdog for blogs that would have a role similar to an ombudsman.

Simon suggests he contacted Irish bloggers to have coverage about a client removed. Can those bloggers he contacted step forward?

These days, though, news spreads fast, so the story was quickly on the blogs. When I started to contact those blogs, I presumed they would also want to ensure the information they were covering was correct.

The reaction, however, was surprising. The majority of bloggers couldn’t have cared less whether the details they’d printed were accurate or not.

How many bloggers? I’m thinking he contacted a dozen the way that’s phrased.

They seemed to think they had turned into Ireland Inc’s answer to Perez Hilton just because they were writing a blog. Others justified passing on inaccurate information by saying that they were repeating what had been written in the papers, which is simply passing the buck.

So come on folks. Can the Irish Perez Hiltons step forward and show us the emails that Simon Palmer sent you? No comments by Simon on any blogs either. Blogging relations 101?

The bit of the article I find most troubling and actually sinister is how Simon goes about his business with the media:

It allows me to bring them closer to the story by giving them‘‘ off the record’’ information, or details on an ‘‘unattributable basis’’, confident that I am protected by their professional standards and that what is agreed as off the record and unattributable will remain exactly that.

Unfortunately, this is not something I can feel confident of when dealing with most blogs.

Yeah bloggers have a low tolerance for bullshit and fakery I suppose. How sneaky is that? What a cynical way of dealing with the media. That’s the complete opposite to transparency and openness.

I’m not at all surprised it was someone from the PR world that wrote this. If ever there was an industry all about control, it’s this one. Well it used to be actually. Thank god this is changing though. It’s great to see so many Irish PR companies embrace the new ways of doing business and communicating. Many of those that have yet to do so are asking how to do it and are going about educating themselves. Not all though. Some seem to want to lock the doors and windows of their firm and hope that web thing will go away. Slightly embarassing too that the PR Institute of Ireland was all hip and cool by including a Twitter question in a recent exam. And getting it oh so wrong. Still, they tried.

I know, let’s censor and create a special code of conduct for PR companies that they have to tell 100% of the truth and can’t do the shadow lurking off-record bits anymore just because one of them is clueless. Yes, let’s rail against 1000s for one of them being a fool. Oh right yeah, that’d be stupid.

The Republic PR website is a hoot too. Check out their balog. Love this phrase too.

Marketing over the internet is a critical part of any companies marketing

Who the fuck wrote it? Marketing over the Internet. Is that MoIP like VoIP?

Update: The PRII have their AGM next week. Head along to Jurassic Park and spot a brontosaurus.

Tommy has his say.

Cliffs of Moher videos

Saturday, May 2nd, 2009

Took some videos yesterday too:

Sign and sticker

Friday, May 1st, 2009

I was in Galway yesterday and today for the board meeting (I’m now on their board) and on the way back visited the Cliffs of Moher. I loved how this sign was photographed so much while being ignored at the same time:


But I loved this sticker on it on the upper left:

Everything sounds better with More Cowbell

and this is what you get to see when you ignore signs:

Want to be an extra in Bord Gais Energy’s next online ad?

Friday, May 1st, 2009

Bord Gáis are kicking off a new campaign and they are looking for “extras” for one of their new ads. Even better news, you get paid €100 for a half days work. To be part of it contact them through their Twitter account. It happens next Thursday.

Fluffy Links – Wednesday April 29th 2009

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

I love the fact that the Green Party are now referencing blog posts in their press releases. They’re such social media tarts these days. (That’s a good thing)

Congrats to Flextimers and their new website.

Blasphemy is now part of defamation law in Ireland? Christ on a oops…

Teach yourself CPR with kits from the Irish Heart Foundation. They’ll be giving them away to Transition Year students and need help raising funds.

Patrick Collison mixes Mathematica with Google Analytics API. Genius, wha?

An Irish version of Maddox?

it@cork are doing one of those Microsoft BizSpark Breakfast on May 12th. Register to attend.

Will McInnes is a podcast! Woo.

Remember the band UnKLE?

Where some of the sound effects came from:

Fluffy Links – Monday April 27th 2009

Monday, April 27th, 2009

Go Twenty.

Lily has moved. She’s getting very serious about this blogging lark now. Watch out Tommy.

Sticker fail.

Check out the EU Young Journalist Competition. Where young is a wide thing.

Nice to see one of the Dragon’s advertising on YouTube about wanting to invest in people.

Good post on figuring out your audience for talks.

Gay Marriage is happening in more places in America and the Republicans aren’t getting worked up.
Mike Tyson.

In memory of J.G. Ballard. I want to … Ronald Reagan.

Torture memos turned into song, there’s something powerful about doing this.

Russia or Ireland? Queuing for jobs

Sunday, April 26th, 2009

Via AGH:

Edit: Updated text.
500+ people queue in Grafton Street, Dublin for sales assistant vacancies in Londis convenience stores.

Give your car a name? If so, what?

Saturday, April 25th, 2009

Beep Beep.

What’s the name of your car? If you give it a name, is it a woman’s name?

Ginetta G26
Photo owned by exfordy (cc)

Of language and communication

Friday, April 24th, 2009

Via Helge

I’m completely ignorant of Autism, not a clue to be honest, I’m sure like so many more. When I hear or read about it I think of the wonderful Sharon and her Family Voyage blog and the passion she has on the subject. This video blew my mind wide open. Worth every second of your time. Not blew my mind in a “my god people with Autism can communicate” but in how Amanda Baggs has shown in this eight minute video just how limited my interaction with the world around me is. The first part of this is 3 minutes or so long, then comes the “translation” from Amanda’s language to ours.