Off to the Paris office will be working from the Paris office for the next few days. We’re hoping the dodgy WiFi works so we can keep blogging and replying to that email thing. While in Paris we’re going to try and see a few sights like strikes and distain for English tourists by the people they twice bailed out. We’ll also try and get rid of that afflicition where one person talks in the third person. We like it like that.

On a side note. How many Star Wars jokes will be made today?

May Day Manif
Photo owned by aiross0 (cc)

4 Responses to “Off to the Paris office”

  1. lilinator says:

    I wanta Paris office too!

    Have a great trip, less of the work and more of the relax!!!

  2. squid says:

    May the 4th be with you

    boom boom!

  3. Trinity says:

    make it so, and if it can’t be fixed, just ask scotty! 🙂

  4. aidan says:

    Enjoy yourself here (Paris): the students and prison guards are on strike so if you’ve tried smuggling in some weed and got caught you might see both strikes.

    And on a point of information, it was the Americans who bailed them out twice, thought the British gave Charles de Gaulle a nice home to sit out the worst of the war 🙂