Sign and sticker

I was in Galway yesterday and today for the board meeting (I’m now on their board) and on the way back visited the Cliffs of Moher. I loved how this sign was photographed so much while being ignored at the same time:


But I loved this sticker on it on the upper left:

Everything sounds better with More Cowbell

and this is what you get to see when you ignore signs:

6 Responses to “Sign and sticker”

  1. Green Of Eye says:

    Someone told me ages ago that statistically Germans fall off the cliffs more than any other nationality!

  2. sean bonner says:

    Do you know when that sign was put there? I was on the cliffs back in 98 and there was no sign at all, which lead to tens of people sitting on the edge hanging their feet off which I thought was pretty messed up.

  3. Like the cowbell sticker. What’s that other one – an upside down McD’s with a plop under it?

    Sean, myself and a friend went there a few years ago and the sign wasn’t there then. I think it must have been before the visitors centre was setup. We walked to within 5 feet of the edge and then literally crawled on our stomachs to the edge to look over. Spectacular and beautiful but the drop would make your toes curl.

  4. Alan Foran says:


  5. Stan says:

    The sign was there when I visited in autumn 2007, so we’ve narrowed it down a bit.

    Not only has the upside-down McD have a plop under it, there is also a well-placed hole between the arch cheeks.

  6. chewy says:

    “Everything sounds better with More Cowbell”
    methinks you shall enjoy this so.