Russia or Ireland? Queuing for jobs

Via AGH:

Edit: Updated text.
500+ people queue in Grafton Street, Dublin for sales assistant vacancies in Londis convenience stores.

7 Responses to “Russia or Ireland? Queuing for jobs”

  1. Ross Duggan says:

    My understanding was that they were queuing for 150 positions in various Londis’.

  2. Ruairi says:

    Eh – I simply don’t believe that. The dole pays better than Londis anyways.

  3. Noel Rock says:

    Yeah, the post there is a bit misleading – it’s for 150 jobs. The point still stands though.

  4. Aidan says:

    It seems to be mostly foreign students looking for the jobs.

  5. Fortunatly I’m not the sort of person who says , ” I told you so “. har har har har har har….

    …..har har har…

    har har har……………

    he he…

  6. Ronanob says:

    Ruairi – That’s exactly the bull that got this country into the state its in, “I’m not taking a job cause i’d rather sit on my ass and suck on welfare.”

    I had a guy who’s dole officer told him he’d be better on the dole than earning 11 Euro per hour last year – guy could barely speak English. Get real and don’t be so condescending.

    If you don’t get on the bottom rung of the ladder you can’t climb up it.

  7. Eoin says:

    Benjamin Loose, bass player with Republic of Loose walks past on 0.56. Truly historic.