Want to be an extra in Bord Gais Energy’s next online ad?

Bord Gáis are kicking off a new campaign and they are looking for “extras” for one of their new ads. Even better news, you get paid €100 for a half days work. To be part of it contact them through their Twitter account. It happens next Thursday.

5 Responses to “Want to be an extra in Bord Gais Energy’s next online ad?”

  1. pk says:

    Link to their twitter account wasn’t working for me, so here it is:

  2. Jason says:

    Damien, love all this Board Gáis stuff, but are you getting paid to pimp them ? You are always on about disclosure so I am just checking, seeing as you’ve mentioned them a few times.

    Nothing personal mind you, but I am curious.


  3. It’s a fair question Jason and happy to answer it. They are not paying me to pimp them for this or other “pimpages” here on this blog or on Twitter. I did get some free wine (a glass) at the last event for bloggers though.

  4. How does this compare with what Bord Gais would pay for extras hired through normal channels, paid rates agreed with Equity etc?

  5. Guys thanks for the positive comments on this initiative but we must clarify that this is not being coordinated directly by Bord Gáis Energy but by our digital agency Target Digital part of the DDFH&B group.

    It is my understanding that all those who are paid to take part will be paid the same rates as those hired through agencies and in addition to that we will also be making a related donation to charity.

    I can also confirm that Damien and several other bloggers have NOT been paid to support this event.

    If anyone would like further information please feel free to come along and have a coffee with us at the event.

    Thursday 7th May, The Casting Couch, The Basement, Fitzwilliam Sq. Dublin.

    Or give me a jingle 087 7991206