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eircom innovation fund – Last Day

Friday, February 15th, 2008

Today’s the last day. Have you sent something in? Well worth doing.

Lying Ryan on Prime Time

Thursday, February 14th, 2008

Dear Lying

We suddenly have 120k people on mobile broadband? Didn’t you tell Bertie 90k just the other day and he said it on YouTube? Who to believe, who to believe. Not you.

You got caught with the maps. Badly. First anyone had heard about the maps being constantly updated. Should I FOI that too? According to you I should find a few iterations of that map when I do another FOI. I think I will so.

The National Broadband Scheme will be finished in 12 months. Really? If I asked eircom, BT and Three, would they agree? I’m going to ask them tomorrow to check.

We are NOT midtable OCED, we are not average. Bertie even said that the other day and that figure includes mobile broadband figures that are not counted by the OECD.

Loved when they quoted the DCMNR FOI’d documents about resources. Muhaha. Punk’d

Fluffy Links – Thursday February 14th 2008

Thursday, February 14th, 2008

I had a Moot Court exam thing today so was studying a little bit yesterday and so didn’t have time to do the fluffies. So here they are.

Pat Kenny has a blog!

The Tuppenceworth blog are asking for you to send them details about the management fees you pay. Crowdsourcing!

Reuters continue to do clever things. Like OpenCalais.

Bob Woodward speaks at Google. If you don’t know who he is, Google him!

The Jawbone bluetooth headset ad features snogging rugby players. Dieux de Stade they ain’t.

Chris Walken reading a kiddie story:

Via Colm Brophy The new Indiana Jones trailer:

Denis O’Brien does it all and then some!

Wednesday, February 13th, 2008

He saved Irish soccer, nothing to do with his hatred of eircom of course, you can get his taxi to the matches, while listening to TodayFM or Newstalk (both his), you can thank him for getting you your job and now he can even get you a date. Rides of all sorts. Anything he can’t do? (Apart from stay in the country long enough to pay taxes)

More from Broadband Bertie

Wednesday, February 13th, 2008

800k on broadband, including 90k on mobile broadband. Means we are yadda on OCED table EXCEPT OECD says no to mobile broadband because it’s shit. But why let that get in the way of a good stat that incorrectly boosts our rankings? In fairness I don’t expect Bertie to know this, that’s Lying Ryan’s job and he does it so well. Bertie’s just cogged his default answers. People really are harping on a lot about broadband of late. There’s another special about it on Prime Time tomorrow night as it happens. Ryan is on as is Shane Ross.

Edit: Oh yes and he mentions the National Broadband Scam Scheme saying it will sort the last 10%. What about the other 10% Bertie? The Department seems to have ignored that figure. The National Broadband Scheme is flawed.

● Fluffy Links – Wednesday 13th February 2008

Wednesday, February 13th, 2008


Techludd Limerick is on next week, y’going?

How do you solve a problem like Bertia?

More Bertie.

Tom documented the neverending saga with Blueface.

Are you an advertiser? Maybe you might like to take this survey from Cybercom?

So where’s Harry these days? We miss you!

260 people have registered for the Blog Awards already. Crazy!

So via get up to 5 free Sims from O2 and then you can bring them to Tesco and get 10 euros credit bonus per sim from them.

Soupy Norman Christmas special. The Plank Kenny takeoff is too good.

Via his Jimness, Amy Winehouse at the Grammys. Damn.

The Dublin Business Blogging Course – It shall return!

Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

I hope.

So the Cork one is happening, not the Dublin one. Yet. Now, there’s about a dozen very avid people wanting to learn how to blog. I have the list. They email me a lot. Still avid after all these years. All they need is a room with wifi and either pcs/laptops or perhaps they can bring their own. A meeting room costs, what 300 quid for a half day, maybe? Loads of Dublin hotels for that. As per the conditions, I’ll do it for free, no problem with a sponsor providing that the sponsor does not try and give a hard sell of products to the attendees and the attendees are not chosen by the sponsor and it is not billed as XCorps’s Business Blogging Course. Oh and I’m not free til April. God, lots of conditions. You know what I mean though. People should benefit from this without having to have had purchased something. So there you have it. An opportunity to meet 8-12 new businesses or businesses that are obviously open minded about trying something new.

Business Blogging Course in Cork – thanks to SortMyBooks

Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

I previously offered to do a business blogging course in Cork and Dublin. The deal was someone else could do the organising. My giving up half a day and teaching people for free was my end of the bargain. We had a venue in Dublin but lack of insurance was an issue so that fell through. Nobody else has offered a venue (and I looked around too) so nothing has happened with Dublin. But tada, SortMyBooks have paid for a room in the Rochestown Park Hotel, in Cork this Saturday for the Cork event. And it’s full! An all woman gig too as it happens. A very good mix of companies and individuals who I hope to see blogging soon after.

The Dublin offer is still there but will not happen until April at the earliest as I have blog awards and all that. Yes, the waiting list still exists too for Dublin. Up to the general public now to make the effort for that one to happen.

The Bertie letters on Newstalk

Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

Woah. Are you tuned into OppositionTalkNewstalk this lunchtime? They’ve got hold of all the correspondence between Bertie and the Mahon Tribunal where the Tribunal has pointed out all the times in the Dáil where our glorious leader contradicted his statements to the Mahon Tribunal. They even got in actors playing the solicitors on both sides. Gold. I hope this gets podcasted. The Mahon Tribunal had identified seven different areas of contradiction. Ouch. This is what he’s going to try and stop via his High Court action. These leaks while impressive and damning are getting a bit much and making the tribunal look like a sieve.

● Fluffy Links – Tuesday February 12th 2008

Tuesday, February 12th, 2008


The Dubliner in a very long essay tackles bloggers. You know the top bloggers in Ireland just get a few hundred visitors a day?

Well my iPhone is totally unlocked now and without using Turbosim. And even I managed to do it. Woo.

Prosperity, a media and marketing recruitment company now have a blog. More of this!

So again to remind you. If you want to get press releases and communicate with PR companies, fill in this form. If you are interested in doing adverts on your blog. Try this form.

Jesus Christ Mangastar.

Conor Pope is doing a book on how to save money. He’s going to go all You’re a Star and let the people also contribute.

Barry Egan is on Facebook. Kinda. Maybe not. No.

There’s a blogger meetup thing on in Limerick soon. Head along.

Via Marc Andreessen

Xu Zhijun, chief marketing officer at Huawei Technologies, told the Financial Times that the concerns expressed by some US lawmakers were “bullshit”

Via Seán Bonner: Scary white girl.

Frank Sinatra and Alica Keys at the Grammys 2008