● Fluffy Links – Tuesday February 12th 2008


The Dubliner in a very long essay tackles bloggers. You know the top bloggers in Ireland just get a few hundred visitors a day?

Well my iPhone is totally unlocked now and without using Turbosim. And even I managed to do it. Woo.

Prosperity, a media and marketing recruitment company now have a blog. More of this!

So again to remind you. If you want to get press releases and communicate with PR companies, fill in this form. If you are interested in doing adverts on your blog. Try this form.

Jesus Christ Mangastar.

Conor Pope is doing a book on how to save money. He’s going to go all You’re a Star and let the people also contribute.

Barry Egan is on Facebook. Kinda. Maybe not. No.

There’s a blogger meetup thing on in Limerick soon. Head along.

Via Marc Andreessen

Xu Zhijun, chief marketing officer at Huawei Technologies, told the Financial Times that the concerns expressed by some US lawmakers were “bullshit”

Via Seán Bonner: Scary white girl.

Frank Sinatra and Alica Keys at the Grammys 2008

8 Responses to “● Fluffy Links – Tuesday February 12th 2008”

  1. Eoin Purcell says:


    Its not the worst piece on blogging and online media I have read and at least he tries to get beyond the simplistic arguments with it. On the other had its so unfocused as to be almost unreadable!

  2. Conor says:

    Thanks for the link. Thanks a little less for the you’re a star reference!

  3. Twenty Major says:

    The Dubliner piece was much easier to read in the print edition, it was laid out in sections etc.

    Visitors – some Irish blogs get a lot more than than a few hundred 😉

  4. Paul McClean says:

    Scary white girl = Snoop from The Wire, only scarier

  5. squid says:

    I am wondering should I read it, is there a mention of where the dubliner had to scrub part of one of their articles from their site after I gave it a mention.


  6. Twenty Major says:

    Had to or ‘chose to’?

  7. squid says:

    complaints relating to the article were likely to continue until it was removed, so I would say “had to”, It was a lazy generalisation from the writer involved which “had to” be addressed.

  8. Twenty Major says:

    Why would the complaints have continued? Why not accept the fact that the writer’s view, however ridiculous it might have been, is as entitled to publication as anything else.