Lying Ryan on Prime Time

Dear Lying

We suddenly have 120k people on mobile broadband? Didn’t you tell Bertie 90k just the other day and he said it on YouTube? Who to believe, who to believe. Not you.

You got caught with the maps. Badly. First anyone had heard about the maps being constantly updated. Should I FOI that too? According to you I should find a few iterations of that map when I do another FOI. I think I will so.

The National Broadband Scheme will be finished in 12 months. Really? If I asked eircom, BT and Three, would they agree? I’m going to ask them tomorrow to check.

We are NOT midtable OCED, we are not average. Bertie even said that the other day and that figure includes mobile broadband figures that are not counted by the OECD.

Loved when they quoted the DCMNR FOI’d documents about resources. Muhaha. Punk’d

8 Responses to “Lying Ryan on Prime Time”

  1. Cormac says:

    Did anybody ask Ryan or Doherty why his own staff ( another Mr Ryan but not of the lying kind ) are going around telling people that 15% of the population have no BB ??

    see page 5 of this

  2. barry says:

    Yep, a vintage waffle/lying performance, especially following the general hammering that the package before the interview gave him and the Dept., and the almost aggressive questions from Little. The only interesing bit was his view that selling Eircom (or to be correct Telecom Eireann) was a mistake…. The missing bit….. why do you follow up that mistake by another set of cock-ups??

    So where does it leave us? Ross needs support, not personally per se but with real specific bits of info, such as the item he put forward from the companies he says he got the email from….

    To ‘solve’ the problem ComReg needs to be exposed for what Docherty showed it is, a tame mouthpiece of Eircom’s interests. Is there any mileage in getting Telefonica, BT and Hutchinson to join together to expose their problems with getting Eircom to provide them the access they need? My impresssion is that they won’t say anything individually for fear of being even more isolated/ignored by Eircom.

  3. barry says:

    Apropos my remarks about ComReg….

    From Silicon Rep –

    “15.02.2008 – Some 52pc of Irish telecom customers who have fixed lines in their homes are now opting for some form of bundled service, with the most common bundle including fixed line calls, line rental and internet access.
    According to the latest in a trends series survey on behalf of ComReg by Millward Brown IMS, mobile phone ownership amongst residential consumers hit 90pc, out of which 76pc use prepaid mobile services.

    Prepaid mobile phone use is higher amongst 15-24 year olds (89pc) and those with no fixed line at home (82pc).

    Over 54pc of residential users surveyed claim to be able to use the internet from any location, while 48pc claim to have a home internet connection. Of the latter, 68pc say they now use broadband.

    According to the ComReg survey, DSL is the most widely used broadband access technology amongst home internet users (52pc).

    However, there is evidence of increased use of wireless technologies for broadband connections such as mobile broadband and fixed wireless access (FWA).

    The survey found the main reasons for internet usage include sending and receiving email and researching and booking holidays and travel.

    Online banking and shopping online were cited amongst 25-49 year olds, while those aged between 15 and 24 spent most of their online time downloading music, visiting social networking sites and playing online games.”

    68% od residential using BB????? who the f did they talk to??

  4. barry says:

    From ComReg

    The following report is based upon research conducted by Millward Brown IMS among a nationally representative sample of adults aged 15 to 74 throughout the Republic of Ireland.
    • The survey asked about consumers’ awareness and usage of ICTs, along with their awareness and usage of postal services in Ireland. This report however, is based on telecommunications only, with a separate report available concerning postal behaviour.
    • The survey was conducted face to face, in home, between 23rd October and the 6th November 2007, with interlocking quotas set on gender and age and non interlocking quotas set on region
    and social class.
    • In total 993 adults were interviewed.
    • Data has been weighted in order to reflect the exact demographic profile of the adult population in the Republic of Ireland, based on the most recent data available from the CSO.
    • Where possible, comparisons with previous research has been included.
    • The accuracy of this survey is estimated to be +/- 3%.

    I just LOVE the third last bit….. are we supposed to be impressed??

    Presumbly this is the basis of Docherty’s waffle..and Ryans….??

  5. Fergal says:

    figures quoted by our illustrious politicians appear to include mobile phone broadband users but pre-pay customers on the three network have only a limited screened/restricted internet with many legitimate sites blocked! this is the case even after they verify their age with three!

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