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Parlon’s construction crowd are now giving out about broadband

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

That’s cut 131, a few more to the 1000 mark:

Speaking in advance of ‘Construct IT Conference 2008’, Noelle O’Connell, Head of Training and Development at the Construction Industry Federation (CIF), stated that the unreliability of broadband services threatened to hold back IT innovations in the construction sector.

“ However, in the area of IT problems around the availability of reliable, high speed broadband services, particularly in certain parts of the country, continue to frustrate innovations.”

“This is a very straightforward example of the inefficiencies arising from broadband problems, yet it illustrates the sort of issues facing the sector.”

“Moving the tender process online is another innovation that is not possible without first class broadband infrastructure, particularly given the level of detail and technical supporting documentation associated with tenders for even the smallest projects. The same is true in other areas of construction.”

“Not every company experiences problems with broadband services. There are parts of the country, particularly larger urban areas, where a reliable service is available. However, a feature of the construction industry is its spread throughout every part of the country and it is impossible to introduce industry-wide initiatives and innovations if all the industry cannot avail of them”.

The Construct IT Conference 2008 looks at all aspects of IT and the construction industry and one of the speakers, Tom Parlon, Director General of the CIF, will point out that by embracing IT companies can make significant savings and improve efficiencies. Microsoft, the Data Protection Commissioner, 02, MoreSoft IT Group, Domus Newtworks and Google will also be represented.

Source: Direct press release.

One day the clues will come Gerry, one day

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

Gerry McGovern says fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) and foodstuff businesses, for example, are less likely to benefit from having a blog. “If you’re chicken-farming in Monaghan, I don’t think there’s much point in having a blog, because your customers probably won’t be interested in what you have to say.”

Nobody would ever read a bog about a tailor. Nobody would ever read a blog about vineyards.

Ahhh the Ogra kids… future leaders and all that

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

These kids are the future leaders of our country, seriously they are.

Ogra Fun

Ogra Fun 2

Ogra Fun 3

Thank God they’ll mature and wise up by the time they’re real politicians.

Brian Cowan 1

Brian Cowan 2

Brian Cowan 3

On why Fine Gael as a party can go fuck themselves

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

There are two members of Fine Gael in UL who have been harassing me, stalking me and as a result damaging my health with their antics. Fine Gael and particularly Simon Coveney’s people have been contacting me about their broadband campaigning and seeking help and today they got told where they can go since their party is breeding these type of people. I am very fucking hostile to Fine Gael over this and that will not change.

It seems that two members in particular have nothing better to do with their time than stalk and harass me online. Whether it be suggesting they are going to get me done under incitement to hatred laws or whether it is emailing the Marian Finucane show and probably other shows and trying to stop them from having me on the air or going through the list of nominees at the Blog Awards and contacting them and telling them they are not entitled to be nominated. Any time anyone mentions me online it seems these people come along and leave comments about me or spinelessly infer things about me. One of them hasn’t got the balls to sign his own name. It’s gotten to the stage where I have had to mark my Twitter account as private as these two people are watching every word I type and logging it and using it to try and damage my character and cause further emotional stress. Completely excessive and obsessive. I no longer feel comfortable or safe being transparent about my work or my travel details because of these two people and I worry for my safety with this obsesssiveness.

But it’s not ending there. I will be seeking legal advice, I will be contacting the employer of one of them, I’ll be conacting UL and I will decide quite soon on whether to call the Gardai on this. Nobody should have to put up with this shit. I’m sure this blog post is giving them the attention they are desperately craving but it’s reality check for those that think blogging is all niceness and full of genuine people.

Note: If I’m contacted either via the comments here or privately by a member of FG in UL, I will consider that a furtherance to their attacks on me and I will in turn act accordingly.

Simon Coveney’s Private Member’s Bill tonight and tomorrow

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

Simon Coveney from Fine Gael has put down a motion on broadband during Fine Gael private members time in the Dail this week. There was some coverage about it in the Sunday Indo business supplement this weekend. It will be debated by all sides of the house from approximately 7 to 8.30pm this evening and Wednesday evening too. If you ring his office you can go and watch from the fruit throwing visitors’ gallery as his guest. Number is 01 6183755

I disagree with the FG broadband policy and their attitude til now on broadband but credit where credit is due, at least they are getting attention to the situation. Ross’ Bill is a bit better though. If it takes death by 1000 cuts or 10,000 cuts at least it might get the Government and the utterly woeful Minister for Communications to realise he’s being watched and held to task. There’s no hiding from the dire situation anymore.

(The 12 year old juvenile only giggled once at the title. Ok, twice)

Mother, Mum, Mam – Got a great mother story?

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

Eamonn from Flowers Made Easy is running a competition for the Best Blog Post about your Mum for Mothers’ Day. Best Post will see a bouquet delivered to her on Sunday. Sunday is Mothers’ Day for those that don’t have their mothers ringing you up every day this week to remind you…

Eamonn wants you to link back to him so he can track the post but I’m sure he’ll be happy with a nofollow link, right? No linking text is required. If you don’t have a blog you can do it on your Facebook or Bebo and point him to that. Or maybe leave it in the comments on the Flowers Made Easy blog?

Bouquet .............DSC06623a
Photo owned by SantaRosa OLD SKOOL (cc)


Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

This site seems a bit wobbly since last night. Hang tight, it’ll be okay soon. Really.

She’s happy to see you

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

Can you tell? (Props to Michael)


With apologies to Midget Wrangler

Monday, February 25th, 2008

In a discussion with someone who announced AFTER that he was her ex and in my excitement that she was coming to the Blog Awards, I said that some of the content from Midget Wrangler was “filthy“. And I was being the typical catholic schooled conservative person when I said it, though not thinking like Fr. Ted with a placard. I never thought or think she should stop being transparent about her sex life, it’s just the frankness of it and it juxtaposed with other tamer topics is quite new and refreshing. She’s a good writer and should not be stopped from continuing to be one and write what she wants to write. My humblest apologies for offending you and a slap to a certain someone for leaving the tact jacket at home.

Fluffy Links – Monday February 25th 2008

Monday, February 25th, 2008

Via Jimmy Carroll are details about the Cork French Film Festival and specifically La Jetée set to music. Am there.

Brian Vaughan has a new blog. Say hello.

Sully’s blog is out there too.

I’m not sure is the Munster Express meant to be parody, fair and balanced or something else. This is an odd story.

Three is releasing a pay as you go broadband service. Something I think has been needed for years. No contract at all needed now. This might very well suit students and lots of other people besides. Would love to see the takeup. The three network is improving in some places but is awful in others still. Hopefully o2 and Vodafone might release something like this too. cock up again. They proudly talked at the UCC Journo conference last week about how one person can power the whole service. Oversight might be good. cockup

Some t-shirts for VCs.

I still prefer Jazz Biscuit’s CC photo search tool but this plugin is also neato.

Neil Gaiman posted about a Coraline 3D trailer. Good quality but we have to wait for the cinema to appreciate the 3D goodness:

Sylvain Chauveau – Never Let Me Down Again