Simon Coveney’s Private Member’s Bill tonight and tomorrow

Simon Coveney from Fine Gael has put down a motion on broadband during Fine Gael private members time in the Dail this week. There was some coverage about it in the Sunday Indo business supplement this weekend. It will be debated by all sides of the house from approximately 7 to 8.30pm this evening and Wednesday evening too. If you ring his office you can go and watch from the fruit throwing visitors’ gallery as his guest. Number is 01 6183755

I disagree with the FG broadband policy and their attitude til now on broadband but credit where credit is due, at least they are getting attention to the situation. Ross’ Bill is a bit better though. If it takes death by 1000 cuts or 10,000 cuts at least it might get the Government and the utterly woeful Minister for Communications to realise he’s being watched and held to task. There’s no hiding from the dire situation anymore.

(The 12 year old juvenile only giggled once at the title. Ok, twice)

4 Responses to “Simon Coveney’s Private Member’s Bill tonight and tomorrow”

  1. Adam says:

    Perfectly timed, too, considering the report out today on Ireland’s low broadband penetration and speed.

  2. Damien, that’s not fruit they’re throwing…

  3. CP says:

    what report is that? can you leave a link? Thanks.

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