She’s happy to see you

Can you tell? (Props to Michael)


11 Responses to “She’s happy to see you”

  1. Anthony says:

    😆 Brilliant

    Have that t-shirt myself.

  2. She loves lamps? I’m missing something right?

  3. Mark says:

    Thriftcriminal, look at her shorts. Either an unfortunate fold or it’s nice to see some diversity and open mindedness in the modelling world.

    See, now I hope it’s the latter as this gives me a warm fuzzy feeling telling me the world is a great place were we can all get along, awwwww.

  4. Adam says:

    I still think she’s hot.

    Actually, I remember seeing her on Snorg Tees, checking to see what her name was (which I can’t remember now) finding it and then googling it. In the search I came across some scary stalker-type site made by someone who was clearly obsessed with her, which was a bit un-nerving.

    Then I wondered if this stalker guy had started out like me – finding her name and googling it based on pictures of her on Snorg Tees – so I closed the window, switched off the laptop and went for a jog…

  5. ‘’ …heh.

    *kicks self*

  6. Mark: Well, she(?) does look dutch, they are pretty open minded.
    Adam: Yep, it’s all about choices ….. 🙂

  7. 73man says:

    @Adam: yea, a ‘jog’.

  8. Fergal says:

    The “Snorg Girl”. She’s a lust object to thousands of indie nerds who are now perhaps having a disturbing Crying Game moment

  9. thrifttcriminal – i think it’s a hilarious reference to the equally hilarious anchorman.