Mother, Mum, Mam – Got a great mother story?

Eamonn from Flowers Made Easy is running a competition for the Best Blog Post about your Mum for Mothers’ Day. Best Post will see a bouquet delivered to her on Sunday. Sunday is Mothers’ Day for those that don’t have their mothers ringing you up every day this week to remind you…

Eamonn wants you to link back to him so he can track the post but I’m sure he’ll be happy with a nofollow link, right? No linking text is required. If you don’t have a blog you can do it on your Facebook or Bebo and point him to that. Or maybe leave it in the comments on the Flowers Made Easy blog?

Bouquet .............DSC06623a
Photo owned by SantaRosa OLD SKOOL (cc)

3 Responses to “Mother, Mum, Mam – Got a great mother story?”

  1. Maman Poulet says:

    Bouquest..Another word Web2.0ified!!

  2. Eamonn says:

    Hi Damien,

    Here is a link to the 2009 Mothers Day Blog Competition by Flowers Made Easy –