Parlon’s construction crowd are now giving out about broadband

That’s cut 131, a few more to the 1000 mark:

Speaking in advance of ‘Construct IT Conference 2008’, Noelle O’Connell, Head of Training and Development at the Construction Industry Federation (CIF), stated that the unreliability of broadband services threatened to hold back IT innovations in the construction sector.

“ However, in the area of IT problems around the availability of reliable, high speed broadband services, particularly in certain parts of the country, continue to frustrate innovations.”

“This is a very straightforward example of the inefficiencies arising from broadband problems, yet it illustrates the sort of issues facing the sector.”

“Moving the tender process online is another innovation that is not possible without first class broadband infrastructure, particularly given the level of detail and technical supporting documentation associated with tenders for even the smallest projects. The same is true in other areas of construction.”

“Not every company experiences problems with broadband services. There are parts of the country, particularly larger urban areas, where a reliable service is available. However, a feature of the construction industry is its spread throughout every part of the country and it is impossible to introduce industry-wide initiatives and innovations if all the industry cannot avail of them”.

The Construct IT Conference 2008 looks at all aspects of IT and the construction industry and one of the speakers, Tom Parlon, Director General of the CIF, will point out that by embracing IT companies can make significant savings and improve efficiencies. Microsoft, the Data Protection Commissioner, 02, MoreSoft IT Group, Domus Newtworks and Google will also be represented.

Source: Direct press release.

3 Responses to “Parlon’s construction crowd are now giving out about broadband”

  1. elly parker says:

    It’s so true. My company moved to online tendering (where possible) about 5 years ago. During that time I managed about €1billion of tenders in various locations worldwide, and we had a lot of problems in Ireland!

    We could only use online tendering when the companies were located in any of the “hub” cities in Ireland and had access to broadband – and even at that they would often have issues with downloading 0.5 GB of docs – never mind uploading their tender return! I regularly had to field support calls late night and even had to visit their offices to try and help out.

  2. Neville Gawley says:

    This is an interesting change of tack considering that the introduction of calculators to the construction sector cost a number of people their jobs. Anybody remember slide rules?

  3. Bob the builder… can he fix it? Bob the Builder… can he f**k!