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One more tune – Public Online Marketing workshop

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

I’ve been asked by a few different individuals and companies to put on an Online Marketing workshop in the next few weeks. I’ve blogged on the Mulley Comms blog about being pretty much booked out from here to December so while very last minute I’m doing a full-day Online Marketing training workshop on next Tuesday Wednesday August 26th in Dublin City Centre (venue to be decided later). The cost to attend is €220. email damien (at) if you want a space. Spaces are very limited. I cap workshops at 12 people.

After that I’m doing the Social Media Unspun talk with Media Contact on September 17th and an Online Marketing workshop with it@Cork on October 13th, one for South Cork Enterprise Board in November and that’s about it for the year.

Remember though, you can download my online marketing documentation and for many people and companies, that’s a good enough starter.

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Happy Birthday Boy – Facebook knows too much, dya think?

Friday, July 17th, 2009

So Facebook ads have been upgraded again. Now you can show ads to people who celebrate their birthday. Here’s what the control panel looks like:
Facebook Birthday advertising

You can be quite creative with this.
Target men who are celebrating their 21st, 30th or 40th.
Target men over 25 with an ad about “time to think about a pemsion”
Or target workers in Microsoft with an ad from google saying “We’d bake you a proper cake for you birthday cake if you worked for us”

You can see how many people will see the ad too:

Facebook Birthday Ads

As you can see in the Control Panel, you can filter ads based on if people are fans of your Business Page, have signed up to your event or use one of your applications.

Oh yes, courses and things

Thursday, July 16th, 2009

Terrible remiss with letting people know about courses and such, despite getting emails and Facebook mails.

Social media unspun
Those evil people at Media Contact tell the most awful of fibs. 🙂 I am not a blogfather and not a social media guru or expert, in fact anyone that says they are, are talking shit. You can’t be an expert at something that evolves before your eyes. I am however sharing my views on social media in conjunction with Media Contact and hopefully people will come away form the social media Unspun event a bit better informed and will realise Twitter, blogs and Facebook are not businessjesus.

Online Marketing training course in Dublin
In conjunction with SQT I’m giving a full day public Online Marketing course the week after next in Dublin. Restricted to 10 places. I’ll have the Online Marketing Documentation updated before that course. As usual, whether you attend a course or not, the documentation is free to download, use and abuse at will.

Online PR training courses
There may be one or possibly two Online PR courses I’ll be doing for free as test runs before a paid-for Online PR Course happens towards the end of August. Members of the Online PR in Ireland Facebook page nabbed the places at the test runs, sorry. Documentation will be made available after course number one for download.

There’s a Courses section over on, perhaps I should use it? Hmm.

Train the trainer
August too might see me doing a train the trainer course in Online Marketing.

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Not in top 3 in Google? Using Google Ads? Ruh roh

Friday, July 3rd, 2009

Mulley Communications had a survey carried out on how people react to Google search results and Google ads.

The survey results are here.

In summary:
If you’re not in the top 3 results, hardly anybody is going to pay attention to you.
Google Ads? What are they? Seems they get little attention.
People are not using the address bar to type in website addresses, they just ask Google.
Women are a little bit better than men at considering the data presented to them.

I can see a future where Google’s “I’m feeling lucky” will be the default. Type in your query, get a single result.

There are videos of the heat maps generated based on the movement of eyes around a webpage:

Irish Times article on this (not shown on Times website oddly)
Silicon Republic Article on this.

Big thanks to National College of Ireland for doing the research and Enterprise Ireland for their Innovation Voucher scheme.

This is what viral is about, it cannot be orchestrated

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

Via Metafilter:

This explains exactly how something can go viral. Not the video itself, the event it’s recording. Chance is a big thing. If an ad agency says they do viral videos and campaigns then they’re talking bollox. You can no more guarantee a video will go viral as you can getting your site first on Google in a competitive search area. You can facilitate making it easier to happen alright.

Watch this video as a lone drunk/on something else dancer is joined by two more people as more and more people just watch them. Suddenly within a few seconds there are dozens dancing with them. The surge of the crowd is almost like a riot.

A fun week of events

Friday, May 29th, 2009

Three events this past week proved fun.

Socialist party social media press conference
First was the Socialist party social media press conference on Sunday. The first time a political party in Ireland did a conference for bloggers and interacted with them in the room, on uStream so there was streaming video tot he web and also taking questions via Twitter. Bit of the future right there methinks. Joe Higgins was a good host and his team of supporters did a great job making it all fall into place.

I + 1/4 of an N
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Show and Tell with Sony Ericsson
This was on Tuesday night in the Odeon and muchos thanks to them for supplying the venue for free. Big big thanks to Sony Ericsson for sending along a very patient staffer and to Clarify, their PR people, for putting it together. Looks like we’ll have more Show and Tell events over the next while with the format slightly changed after feedback. Details on how other companies can take part in Show and Tell.

MeasurementCamp Dublin
Wow, didn’t it do well? 70 people turned up MeasurementCamp Dublin. Big big numbers. Loads of new faces. This is going to be a monthly event and maybe we can bring it to other places in Ireland besides Dublin. Enjoyed myself at this and well done Lauren for putting so much effort into it.

Want to be an extra in Bord Gais Energy’s next online ad?

Friday, May 1st, 2009

Bord Gáis are kicking off a new campaign and they are looking for “extras” for one of their new ads. Even better news, you get paid €100 for a half days work. To be part of it contact them through their Twitter account. It happens next Thursday.

Can I be your Summer intern?

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

Summertime is going to be quiet for me travelwise as many of the groups I work with don’t do training during the Summer months. You can never get everyone together due to good weather or people flying to good weather. I have two web apps that I’ll be working on during this time but I’ve been thinking that I’d love to learn about different types of businesses and what they do. Being chained to my own desk is boring. Sport stars cross-train and learn different disciplines, why not business people? So I’d like to do 4-5 internships, each 5-7 days in duration over the Summer months with some companies. Maybe this idea will work, maybe it won’t. Maybe other businesses should consider doing the same thing?

What I get:
I get to be immersed for a week with a company that is doing interesting things and the people are willing to show me the ropes. I learn new approaches to business and get to grips with the internal natural language of different companies. The more I understand about different businesses, the better I am with working with those business types.

What the company gets:
Me! Someone that can show them how to communicate via blogs, social networks, Twitter, do online marketing, how to do better presentations, do media stuff, tell them how to work with those web kids and encourage them to use more expletives. Ok, maybe not that last one.

Since I’ll still need to operate the dayjob stuff, I’ll need a desk and a net connection to answer a few things that will come in during the working day. Inventing some bogus role where I end up doing no more than licking envelopes ain’t gonna fly. Suit? Not really. I’d need to be a core part of the team/company. Bring the Corkman to meetings, you know?

There is also a premium model
Which you can steal! I’m sorry but I’m going to turn down most offers (if I get any) because I’m thinking a few companies in the same area would be interested in this. I actually think that bringing in someone for a few days in a row can work out better than having them come in now and then and consult. Again it’s down to that immersion thing. Some good examples are when you’re onsite and people ask each other advice and you know you have a better way of doing something they already believe they are doing efficiently. Bit like Twitter ain’t it? The conversational subtleties are where the gold is. I won’t be offering this right now though but as a company, if you are one, maybe you should consider doing this or offering this?

Give me a shout if you think your company would be interested in this.

Online Marketing Material

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

Over on the Mulley Communications site I’ll be giving away my Online Marketing training documentation if 103 people leave comments on the post. Oh and there might be a free Online Marketing training course resulting from it too. The training material can be used for commercial and non-commerical activities too once Mulley Communications get attribution. We’re almost halfway there when it comes to comments.

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Online Business/Marketing style jobs, Cork and Dublin

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

A little clue about the future of business comes from two recent job adverts. are looking for an Online Community Manager. Someone to look after and work with their 200,000ish community. As more people go online, this idea will not be so rare. I love this part of the spec:

We are looking for logical thinkers with the ability to facilitate community discussion with fairness and impartiality. This is a unique opportunity to work with the most fantastic web community in Ireland.

Then in Cork we have a company looking for an Online Retail Specialist:

Online Retail Specialist required for a large Cork based organisation

Reporting to the Online Project Manager, the successful candidate will play a key role in the delivery of a large scale online ecommerce solution. Role will involve working with the online team to shape the entire online proposition and support the delivery of the solution as well as creating the appropriate brand experience

Ideal candidate will have a recognized background in online marketing, in particular with brands with well established online trade as well as excellent commercial acumen, budgeting experience and knowledge of online design.

Email: if you want more info.