Show and Tell with Sony Ericsson, Tuesday 26th of May, Dublin

The Show and Tell series of tech meets as previously mentioned will kickstart next Tuesday evening at 7pm at the Odeon in Dublin with Sony Ericsson showing off some of their gear and telling us of upcoming products. Given it’s the first event we don’t know exactly will the format work or not but it’s worth trying. No sales pitches, just geeky goodness.

If you have questions you want to ask of Sony Ericsson in advance, leave them here or email me.

If you want to attend, leave a comment below. We’re limiting places to 25 people.

On the phone @ Manchester, UK
Photo owned by timparkinson (cc)

24 Responses to “Show and Tell with Sony Ericsson, Tuesday 26th of May, Dublin”

  1. Dave says:

    Always interested in looking and new shiny 🙂

  2. would like to attend. thank you please 🙂

  3. I’d like to join in. Will show off my Sony Ericsson V640i (yes, OK, I got it for free from Vodafone!)

  4. Steph says:

    Woopsy, looks like I might have commented on the wrong blog post in my running around. Le comment once again 🙂

    I like gadgets & very interested to see what they’re doing particularly regarding mobile handsets/devives from a web development perspective.

    If there’s a spare spot going I’d love it, in Dublin city centre and free next Tuesday evening.

  5. Declan says:

    Cool, I’d be on for that.

  6. Include me in. I’m in the market for a new phone and wouldn’t mind some hands on

  7. Will Knott says:

    I’m interested in this too. Will we be let play with them too?

  8. barratree says:

    someone ask about moves to open source phone software will they?

  9. UnaRocks says:

    “No sales pitches”?! Why on earth are they doing it then?

  10. Daragh says:

    @UnaRocks – maybe they feel the phones will speak for themselves?

  11. Kate says:

    Can you please ask them why their chargers break so easily? all the little metal pins fall out, I have at least 6 ‘dead’ chargers here

  12. John P says:

    I’m definitely interested Damien….

  13. Darragh says:

    Guilty of same comment misplacement as Steph was. Yep, I’d be interested in this.

  14. Mark says:

    I’m with Una here isn’t this just one big sales pitch “showing off some of their gear and talking about upcoming products” sounds fairly sales-pitchy to me TBH.

    I’m not against it going ahead, jus’ sayin’…

  15. John says:

    *wonders if they’ll be showing off their 14megapixel Ideo*

  16. TUG says:

    Is someone going to ask them about the redundancies?

  17. UnaRocks says:

    @Daragh, which is a sales pitch by virtue of demonstration…?

  18. Declan says:

    I presume they wont give us the standard sales pitch because they want us to go back to our blogs and praise their products. 🙂

  19. […] Show and Tell is tonight. Odeon. 7pm. […]

  20. Declan says:

    Can we just show up tonight or is there a list of names?

  21. Damian Bannon says:

    I wouldn’t mind popping along if it isn’t too late to pop my name down?